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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Basics: The Reverse Nude Eye

We're bringing sexy back ladies.

And in the best way possible!

Who has the time to redo their makeup after a long day of work. It's time to go out and the effort should be minimal for the most effortlessly gorgeous look possible.

This makeup look is a great way to take your "Classic Nude Eye" to a more nighttime appropriate look.

For this look you can use the same three shadows you applied for your "Classic Nude Eye" or you can transition to a darker or different color family.

You're going to need:

-Three eyeshadows, a light, medium, and dark shade

-A flat shader brush

-A large flat shader brush

-A smudge brush

First you're going to apply the medium shade from your lashes to your brow bone.

Then you're going to use the large shader to apply your light shade where your medium shade ends and blend inwards towards your nose.

Now take your smudge brush slightly wet and apply the darkest shadow along your lashes, wiggling the brush back and forth. You can do this to your lower lashes too.

Apply mascara and you're done!

A blunder-proof look for going out!

For the full tutorial, check out Making Faces Beautiful, available in our studio and online!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Westport Bridal Makeup Artist

Westport Bridal Makeup Artist

Your wedding day is simply too important to entrust your hair and makeup to just anyone. At Faces Beautiful, we take the pressure off of you so you can focus on making it the most perfect day of your life. Come in to our studio or schedule us to come out to see you, whichever is easier. It is your day, after all. Our Westport bridal makeup artist will make you look like a million dollars. We will get you all prepared well in advance so that when the big day arrives, everything will run like clockwork.

Come in for our in-studio bridal hair trial. When you meet with us, our Westport bridal makeup artist will go over all of the options with you. First, we will help you to choose the perfect hairstyle. You can count on us for expert advice and guidance. If possible, bring your headpiece or veil. It will help us to help you by finding a hairstyle that complements your wedding dress. Similarly, our bridal makeup trial will revolve around choosing just the right color. 

When your wedding day arrives, our Westport bridal makeup artist will help to keep you calm and collected. That is because we will be fully ready to do your hair and makeup in the fashion you chose. If you are coming to our studio, we will be ready for you at the appointed time. The rehearsals are done and you can count on us to be the professionals you count on. Or if you prefer, we can come to you. Wherever is most convenient for you is where we will be. Your home or anywhere that you choose, you can save travel time and enjoy the comfort of having your hair and makeup done where you feel most at home. 

Call today at 203-226-1818

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How To: Line Your Eyes

Gail's Method for Applying Eyeliner - defining your eyes and her secret tip for creating thicker looking lashes

Eyeliner is one of the great makeup innovations; it helps emphasize eyes and their color as well as offering a lot of creative potential.

Here at Faces Beautiful, our must-have tools for lining your eyes are:

-A mineral eyeshadow in a color of your choice (Gail recommends Ebony, a black eyeshadow)

-Our angle eye brush

-A drop of water

We prefer using mineral eyeshadow as a liner because it offers a highly pigmented color, as well as incredible precision. And we prefer using it wet because it eliminates the potential for eyeshadow fallout as well as being even more precise than using the eyeshadow dry.

To begin, dip your angle eye brush in a tiny drop of water - don't soak your brush, but ensure that the tip of the brush is damp.

Then dip the brush into the eyeshadow - a short two sided swipe will be sufficient.

Now, where you first touch the brush down will have the most color, so it is best to start in the middle of the eye, just above your pupil, rather than at the inside or outside of your eye because it will create the most contrast with your eye color and bring the color of your eye to the forefront.

To apply the color, touch the brush down just at the lashes and wiggle the brush very gently, depositing color at the roots of the lashes. Continue doing this along the eye with the longest part of the angle pointing towards your nose. This is a great trick because most people can't draw a straight line right off the bat, and focusing the brush against the lash line will ensure that the line you create will be perfectly fitted to your eye. It is also a great trick because the color fills in the spaces between your lashes, making them look fuller.

Once you have this line, you can go about customizing the shape of your eyeliner.

If you choose to do a cat eye, flip the brush so that the longest end is now facing away from your nose. Apply the flick at whatever angle you like best, or, if you aren't familiar with the cat eye, draw a short flick so that if it continued it would extend from the outer most corner of your eye to your brow bone.

Good luck!

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Basics: The Classic Nude Eye

Your peepers draw people in, so let's dress them up!

Though "Classic Nude Eye" brings to mind the idea of champagnes, browns, bronzes, and golds, this eye technique can be done with any trio of colors, just so long as you have a light, medium, and dark color.

For this look you're going to need:

-Three eyeshadows of any color scheme - a light, medium, and dark

-A shader brush for application

-A large shader brush for application and blending

-An angle eye brush for lining your eyes

First you're going to apply the lightest shade from your lashes all the way to your brows.

Then you're going to apply the darkest shade along your lash line as eyeliner (see our post on how to do this here). You can also do this along your bottom lashes.

Next you're going to take the medium color and apply it in a V in the outer corner of your eye, enhancing your natural contour of your brow. Blend it out so there are no harsh lines.

Now is the time to apply liquid or gel eyeliner (should you choose to) as well as mascara.

That is your perfect "Classic Nude Eye"! For pictures and a more detailed step by step, check out Making Faces Beautiful.

Keep gorgeous!