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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweet and Low Pony

Hey Ladies! Just in time for winter parties, the latest formal hair trend comes to us from the UK edition of  “Cosmopolitan Magazine”. On page 164, Cosmo demonstrates the elegance of the “sweet and low” ponytail. Super-stylist Karry Warn advises, “A classic chignon or totally polished ponytail can look old-fashioned. Placing your up-do right at the back of the head and adding plenty of texture to your style will give you a much fresher, younger, look.” The key is to use a volumizing mouse to play up your natural texture. Curl your hair using a 2-inch barrel curling iron and then pin up the curls while cooling. After they cool shake the waves loose and tuck them into a low pony as shown here.  Don’t forget to have fun and add the bow! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

40th Anniversary Issue of "W"

The 40th anniversary issue of “W” magazine is out! This special edition features Keira Knightley, Scarlet Johannson, Rooney Mara, Mia Wasikowska. Keira rules the 2000s in a Chanel braided tweed jacket, while Scarlett rocks the 1990s in a Dolce & Gabbana silk lace dress and silk and lace bodysuit, accessorized with a nose piercing and dark red lips. Mia powers up the 1980s in a Balenciaga wool jacquard bustier. Lastly, Rooney swings the 1970s in Prada and an Albertus Swanepoel hat.
            Mia looks fantastic in her 1980’s look. It features the fun and fearless makeup of the time period including a mixture of blue and pink shadows that accentuate her beauty. Rooney also looks beautiful and sophisticated with a classic red lip in the 1970’s look.
Scarlet’s look is dark and gothic with a bold eye and lip. This look seems only to embody the “grunge” period of the early 90’s and in our opinion misses the mark."
            Finally, Keira almost looks nothing like herself as she embodies the 2000s. Her look features stark blonde hair with a greenish hue that does little to compliment her. The makeup look includes a neutral eye and red lip, which is classic, but not limited to the 2000’s. It would have been nice to see her with a smokey eye and with her natural brunette hair. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

In the November issue of “W” magazine, Saks Fifth Avenue has an 8-page ad for all of their trendy handbags for the season. The women modeling these bags are simply gorgeous and the epitome of style and class. Our favorite ad/makeup combination is on page 141. This beautiful Gucci bag appears rich and sophisticated, as does the model. She is wearing a burgundy nail polish, which compliments her sweater and the bag. Her makeup is elegant and features a neutral yet defined eye and sheer burgundy lip.  To recreate this look, we recommend the Faces Beautiful Lipstick in the color Bordeaux, $17. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Healthy Skin Diet...!

Hey beauties! Frustrated with acne prone skin? Tried everything?
Have you tried changing your diet?
We might have the solution for you! “Glamour Magazine’s” Great Skin Diet has arrived! The magazine consulted doctors, nutritionists, and conducted their own study to come up with the best diet tips for your skin. The study had seven women drink more water and eat more vegetables for a full seven weeks, and six of the seven women saw noticeable to changes in their skin. “Glamour” also recommends avoiding processed carbs such as white bread, which cause a spike insulin levels that can clog pores. Experts say cutting down on dairy and red meats may also prevent acne.
So here’s the acne prevention diet:
o   Drink lots and lots of non carbonated water
o   Eat vegetables 4 times a day
o   Avoid white carbs, such as potatoes, bread etc…
o   Avoid red meats. Stick with fish, chicken and pork
o   Avoid dairy products
I bet you’ll have clear skin and probably be skinnier too!! Sounds like a win win. Let us know if switching up your diet has helped with your skin.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Smooch-Proof... All About Lip Stains

You've tried lipsticks and lip glosses, but what about lip stains? Lip stains provide great color and are very long lasting. This type of product is also good if you like to look natural rather than obviously "made-up." They'll bring enough color to your lips so that you look like you just went for a run or ate a Popsicle. Since they're so sheer, you can build up color and coverage by adding a lipstick or colored gloss on top. Lip stains are typically made from a water or gel base. This formula gives them great staying power without the sticky feeling of gloss, but beware, they can be very drying, if you use them every day. That’s why I like to save them for special occasions or times when you need your lips to stay through cocktails, laughing, and kisses!
What are your favorite lip stains? For me I like the Vincent Longo stains followed by the Lipmints lip-gloss for the refreshing burst of spearmint.