I have always been passionate about makeup, skincare and all things pretty to us girls. Creating Faces Beautiful has been a lifetime of work in progress. Like many women, life tends to complicate achieving my goals, but notwithstanding career changes, marriage, and raising children I continued to follow my passion. Today, I am affectionately known as the woman that helps all women look and feel just a little prettier. I have built a business of perfecting beauty for women. Stop in and see Faces Beautiful whether in Connecticut or On-Line. It’s the place to "feel prettier".

We provide great services, products and advice on your skincare, your makeup, your hair, your eyebrows and fabulous jewelry. I try every product before I decide to share it with you. Really, I do. The only products that you’ll see in our store are products that I personally believe in. And, so read my blogs and see what fabulous little tidbits of information that I discovered and then you’ll be in the know too! or in our Westport, Connecticut Studio.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

June Jacobs - Cranberry Pomegranate Moisture Masque

Do you have winter flakies? You know those dry, flakey pieces that make you skin look and feel terrible. I can help you get rid of them. Is this brutal winter too harsh for your skin? All this cold weather is killing my skin. Do you feel like you need a little extra something for your dry chapped skin??

Well, if you’re looking for something soothing and hydrating I have the masque for you.  The June Jacobs - Cranberry Pomegrante Moisture Masque is a luxurious, nourishing cream that rehydrates and plumps tired skin cells with proven moisture builders which hydrate, contour and plump the skin.

Pomegranate extract provides age-defying ellagic acid, known for anti-oxidant energy, soothing and rejuvenating powers, and unique protective effects on the skin. The synergistic action of powerful anti-oxidants, soothing botanicals and high performance hydrators leave your skin luminous, supple and revitalized.

You should do this masque at home once or twice a week. You’ll see it will make your skin feel supple again.  This once a week regimen will keep your skin soft and supple and no winter flakies!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Alison Raffaele Face Forward Primer: Age Response

If your skin is perfect than you don’t need this. But, if you have any sort of fine lines, scars or anything other than perfectly smooth skin then read on, my darlings. Are you looking for a smoother finish when you put on your foundation??  Or maybe its your big pores that bother you the most, or how could we forget our fine lines and how foundations seems to just seep into them and make them that much more noticeable……

Well I definitely found a solution for myself and for all of you who struggle with these same issues….. Alison Raffaele Face Forward Primer: Age Response.  Her Frutta di Vita complex, which means Fruit of Life neutralizes free radicals with antioxidants helping to prevent cell and tissue damage that could lead to cellular damage and its mineral based spf of 15 protects the skin against UV damages.  It does sound like a lot of other products, but it’s in the actual wearing of it that you’ll see the difference. It also has hexapeptides which encourage collagen production. Meaning it makes your skin look better and makes it get tighter.

 All of this in a primer, could you have ever imagined???  Ladies this primer is the ultimate must have for a flawless look at any age!!!

Vincent Longo re-invents the face

Lois Alcosser, Westport publicist covered our Vincent Longo event. Here’s what Lois had to say about Vincent’s visit.

An amazing makeup artist named Vincent Longo was invited to Gail Sagel’s BeautifulFaces “Best of Westport” Salon. His mission: to prove that with several carefully chosen products, a few brushes and a lot more than five minutes, any woman, of any age, can look beautifully natural.  Not just-got-out-of-bed natural. Not after-a-long-day’s-work natural, but radiantly, exquisitely natural.
            Mr. Longo’s experience as the make-up artist for Vogue cover supermodels and Gail Sagel’s knowledge of skin care combined to make this a unique event.        “We start with a clean face,” Mr. Longo began, and a dozen eager women, 14 to 47, removed every inch of make-up.
First, a gel-like primer, which felt pleasantly cool and fresh, was stroked on. Because every skin has its own texture and color, the choice of a foundation was crucial. The Longo line of products is designed with this in mind.               
            Longo, a slim, boyish looking man, is an Italian who grew up in Australia. He is the master make-up artist for Vogue international magazine covers and for the supermodels of designer fashion shows. “Because I couldn’t find the colors and textures I wanted, I started making them myself,” he explains. Like Gail Sagel, he believes that, first and foremost, the right skin care products are the most important ingredients of all. The right make-up, correctly applied, is an enhancement.
 He is concerned with the “undertones of skin,” “life in the eyes” and “a balance of color and texture.” His products tend to be lighter, softer, yet more lasting. Brushes for application have “built in skills” and he demonstrated how the way a sponge or pencil is held in the hand makes a difference.  

“The trouble is,” he said, “women buy skin products in some self-service store, without advice, tempted by a glamorous photograph and then, of course, they can’t get it right because they don’t know how and they’ve probably chosen the wrong product. Everyone’s skin is unique.”
            His demonstration was part science, part art and part theater, a compelling combination for the women, each one, from student to attorney, simply wanting to feel as attractive as they hoped to look.
            Longo had special tips… how to use concealer, apply powder, shape lips, apply mascara. “Too much make up ages, not refreshes,“ he said. For each step, he demonstrated on himself, his own live video. A great deal of time was spent on eyes, the architecture of the eyelid, the way to use shadow, where to start and end the eyebrows. He also showed how to shape upper and lower lips.  “Men hate outlined lips and tacky gloss,“ he noted.  
            Gail Sagel, known for her special skills with eyebrows, helped translate Longo’s instructions with hands-on assistance. Results? It was hard to believe that several of the women were the same people who had arrived. The difference between their washed, nude faces and the lovely naturalness of their make-up was remarkable. Imperfections gone, tiredness dispelled, drabness disappeared, redness removed, skins that were almost breathtakingly beautiful and yes, perfectly natural.
            Vincent Longo products are at Beautiful Faces studio and and, of course, the make-up artists at the studio are always ready to help achieve a beautiful look.   

A beauty formula to manliness… – Let’s freshen up with Dr. Brandt Cleansing Pad

Just give me a moment… I need to freshen up a little bit, before we go out. For a woman, we all know what this means – a quick brush through the hair, new lipstick or gloss, a little bronzer/blush, a touch of powder and a schpritz of perfume. All set to go….

I was recently asked by a man, “So what’s a guy got to do to freshen up?” I had to think about that one…

If there’s no time for a shower and shave – what’s a guy to do to get all pretty for his lady? Is there a beauty formula to manliness? You betcha!

 Men - you need to create a “hot dopp kit” to keep in your office.

Here’s what your “hot dopp kit” should have:

 1.    Hair Gel

2.    Facial Cleansing Pads

3.    Unscented manly deodorant

4.    Sample size of your favorite cologne

5.    Toothbrush/toothpaste/mouthwash

So for the hair gel, my personal favorite is the new “Mint Fix” from Redken. It smells so good, it’s water/sweat resistant, and gives your hair that just washed and coifed style. Run just a little bit through your fingers and your hair looks refreshed.

This gel is clear and makes your hair really shiny without making it crunchy or flakey. Girls hate to touch a guy’s hair that feels crunchy. Yuk!

And now for your face….

A great mid day freshen up for a man is the “blemishes no more cleansing pads” by Dr. Brandt. Unlike a lot of other skincare pads, these pads have an actual cleanser inside them with a special moisturizing treatment. These pads smell really fresh. They are invigorating, remove dirt, erase excess oils and leave your skin smooth and kissably soft. These pads also help to prevent future breakouts as they kill surface bacteria.

It’s all good guys! I recommend this as your pre-date perk me up. By the way, you could also use this “hot dopp kit” after your gym workout or whenever you just need to look good for a late meeting or night ballgame.

Hey guys, the next time you buy your cologne, ask the counter person for any samples of your scent. Throw a few of your samples into your “hot dopp kit” and toss a few into your travel dopp bag. And, if you were wondering why I recommended an unscented deodorant – it’s because between your Dr. Brandt facial pads, your minty hair gel and your cologne, you smell good enough!!!

As for the toothbrush and toothpaste, well, it’s pre-date…. Frankly, that’s pretty obvious.

Have fun – You look so handsome!!

Napoleon Perdis – Denim Blue Eyeliner

My daughter’s girlfriend Syd called while she was doing her makeup, getting ready for a party. Syd was seeking eyeliner and makeup advice from my daughter, the mini-pro – my little protégé.

So here’s the situation – Syd has fair skin, dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes. On this night particular night she was wearing a deep purple dress – Questionada?

 To wear purple eyeliner, or not? Was that too matchy, matchy? My daughter put Syd on speaker phone, so she could defer the difficult decision to me. Kids are so smart…they know just when to listen to their parents.

My answer was easy – go for the blue! Syd’s got these amazing blue eyes and great black lashes. The right shadedenim of blue liner would just further enhance her beauty and the purple dress would reflect beautifully.

So here’s the application tip. Start off with a black smudgy liner, sort of pressed into your eyelashes – top and bottom liner. Then, use the Napoleon Perdis group_loosedust_webLoose Eye Dust in Pink mochaa all over your lid. Then, I love the Napoleon Perdis “Denim” Blue eye liner – make a line, over the original black line.

Here’s the trick: the black will stay embedded into your lash line. The blue appears over and above the black – so it’s like you have two lines – oh…. You do have two lines!!! If you need a little contour, go with a neutral like the gold bronze Loose Eye Dust. And under your eyes – lots of Napoleon Perdis “Denim” eyeliner and on the inside rim of your eye – lots more sydneyblack eye liner.

Hey blondes…. The perfect nude Lip for a Smokey Eye

You’ll never guess how I spent my morning. Just recently Kristyn joined our team. She is a very beautiful, blonde makeup artist, who wears that sexy, smokey eye quite well. Kristyn and I got to talking about the perfect nude lip to wear with a really dark, exotic smokey eye. After we mutually agreed that soft and plump was the way to go, we delicately pushed up our cashmere sleeves and got to creating that lip.

The first issue that bothered us was once you get this lip, whatever that lip is…. Well, it wears off so soon. Nude? Right – never lasts long. Kristyn complained, “I love an intense smokey eye this time of year but it always seems to be a challenge to find that perfect nude lip color that will actually stay on without the inconvenience of always having to worry if there’s a mirror close by so you can ‘check yourself out’ every 5 minutes.”

So here’s where you start for that perfect long lasting lip. “Vincent Longo Fresh Water Rose Pearlessence Lip/Cheek Gel Stain.” Wow! That’s a mouthful. Yes and this stain is pale, shimmery, sexy and LASTS

Next, to create the plump. Use the Vincent Longo Lavender Light/Coco Fudge Lip Liner. With just a light touch gently line the rim of your lips with the Coco and then line again and blend in with the Lavender Light. Leave the center of your bottom lip empty. You’ll want to fill the center of your bottom lip and a little bit on the upper lip with Vincent’s diamond109Starlet Pink Diamond Lip Gloss.

And, that’s one gorgeous nude, pouty, sexy lip.

Products by Vincent Longo   –  design by Gail Sagel and Kristyn Pradas.

Foundation 411

By Amber Schiavi, September 2009
One of the biggest beauty faux paux I see are girls with a line of makeup around their jaw and their face looking two shades darker than their neck. Don’t let this happen to you!
Here, Gail Sagel of Beautiful Faces in Westport gives us tips for choosing the right foundation for your skin:

The right foundation will always make your skin look better but choosing the right foundation can be tricky.
There are two main things to consider in choosing: color and texture.

NuSkin Galvanic Spa

So if I told you that there was a hand held gadget that could make your skin tighter immediately, would you believe me? And, if I told you that this little tightener could also make you money, would you believe me?

You know me well enough by now to know that I like products that work. This one does what it says it’s going to do. It’s a hand held galvanic device. Your skin can look younger now with the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II. This amazing little hand held device could possibly be your answer to turning back the hands of time and new financial freedom.

The NuSkin Galvanic Spa delivers a harmless galvanic current of different charges to the area you are looking to make wrinkle-free. There are two gels which are applied to the face and massaged into the skin for five minutes. It’s based on the principles that “like” charges repel…thereby both stopping free radical damage and activating your skin’s production of collagen. It’s awesome and you’ll see the results immediately.

This new state of the art AgeLoc product and Galvanic Spa is owned by NuSkin. NuSkin has worldwide distribution and a very lucrative direct sales approach. I will happily put you in touch with my contacts if you’d like to get involved with this very effective product. Certainly every person should own one and when you see how quick the results are, you may want to get involved in the distribution as well. I mean really… what’s better then selling a product that makes everyone look younger immediately? Everyone will love you. Let me help you, help yourself to a younger, richer future. loves our “Brush-On” Liquid Mineral Foundation

I am so excited to share with you our first review on our amazing new liquid mineral foundation. This review just came out tonight for our fabulous “Brush-On” liquid mineral foundation from SharonDK, a panelist at 
Here’s the link to her review:

Sharon loved my attached brush, loved the ease of application, and loves the texture. She choose the shade linen, because she is fair and wants to cover her excess red from her rosacea. Great coverage, without being thick or heavy.
Sharon felt like my Brush-On Liquid Mineral is truly a foundation that applies and covers as you would expect a foundation to, but it does NOT feel heavy or greasy. It is also fragrance free and lasts the whole day, because it absorbs excess oils. The bottom line, Sharon says that my Liquid Mineral ”is SUPERB - one of the best foundations” that she has worn. 

Thank you Sharon!!

We’re a Finalist for 2009 Small Business Awards

Beauty defies beastly statistics 
Despite persistently sluggish news about consumer spending, BeautifulFaces studio in Westport is seeing an upturn in new customers as compared to last year. Apparently, the worse the economy looks, the more important it is for women to look good. Gail Sagel, BeautifulFaces founder & owner, who was once an investment company executive herself, isn’t surprised. Long before the word “recession” was being used, she offered a steady stream of discounts for hair services and cosmetic products on her website.
All this hasn’t gone unrecognized. During the past year, BeautifulFaces won its second national award as “Best of Westport Hair Salon” from the U.S. Local Business Association. Another national award came from Chapeau Blog Awards naming BeautifulFaces winner of “2009 Best of Health and Beauty.” The latest award is from the New York Enterprise Report. Out of 500,000 small businesses in the tri‐state area, competing for 2009 Small Business Awards, BeautifulFaces is a finalist in the Sales and Marketing category.  We’re proud to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of Beautiful Faces,”said Robert Levin, Editor‐ in‐ Chief and Publisher of the New York Enterprise Report, the only media in the tri‐ state area exclusively for leaders of small businesses.
“These awards are extremely gratifying,”says Sagel, “and I believe they’e due to the expertise and skills of my hair and make‐up staff and the standards of perfection I demand for my product lines.”

Melissa the makeup maven “says”….

“It’s FRESHER than FRESH™!!”   

That’s what Melissa said today about June’s Lemon Sugar Body Polish. So, Melissa is a very experienced makeup artist who was working with me today at BeautifulFaces. Melissa has worked with MAC, Bobbie Brown, Christian Dior, Shiseido and Nars. And, she just fell in love with a few of our products. I really respect her opinion, being one product junkie to another.

So here’s what else she said.

“If you like Plum Plot by Christian Dior, you’ll love Calypso lipstick by Napoleon Perdis. It’s brighter, creamier and has more pigment – for longer lasting all day pink lips.

Melissa loved the Vincent Longo – Orbit Dusk. She said that if you like MAC’s Espresso, Amber Light and Nylon eye shadows, and then why not get all three in Vincent Longo’s trio of eye shadows? These three colors are the “perfect step into fall”. They are the three colors to make life easy and with just a slight enough shimmer for smooth blending.

Melissa the makeup maven, got to love her!

Lauren G. Adams Stackable Rings

It’s all about rings…lots and lots of rings!! Just got back from the Gift Show at the Javits Center in NYC…. So much to see……

My favorite designer of stackable rings is Lauren G Adams and all of her staff are so awesome! They really know their jewelry. Such great style…..   I will share with you that no one can tell the difference between your real diamond eternity bands and her CZ bands. Ok, so her CZ bands do eventually wear dull. But, so what? Who cares at $25 each….just treat yourself to a new one. Truly, you can mix your real diamond stuff with Lauren’s and no one will know. Not, unless YOU tell.

I’ve only been able to put up some of her rings on our website – you’ll have to actually come in to see all of the new and fabulous rings and stones we just got in.

So, here’s how I wear them…. I wear either 3 at a time or 5 at a time. So, I might start with an “X” or a “Flower” for the center, surrounded by 2 CZ bands on either side. But, when I’m wearing the stacks on my middle finger, I surround with two sets of different CZ bands.

So, it might stack like this:
1 gold CZ
1 gold and CZ band
1 bright blue flower ring
1 gold and CZ band
1 gold CZ

The Eyebrow Queen vs. The Music Man

There’s always something to say about eyebrows. I know women want to know what’s the best shape for their face, how do they get it, how often do they need to reshape…. OMG, the list of questions about eyebrows just goes on. It’s sort of like the hair – it just keeps growing back in again. At least, we hope.
Anyway, you know who invited me in to talk to them about eyebrows? WEBE108 CT radio station. That was cool. And, I wasn’t even interviewed by a woman. Chris Marker did an excellent interview…very in touch. He really got it. Paula, you’re a lucky lady.

So guess who I got to meet while I was there? Danny Lyons. For those of you who don’t listen to WEBE108, Danny Lyons “Lyonizes” his music. He takes you right into his “Lyons Den” and makes every song sound like it’s playing just for you. I may be the eyebrow expert, but Danny is the music man!

So here’s a tip: If you want perfect, unbeleivable eyebrows - make an appointment to see me. If you want great music, turn your dial to WEBE108.

Wearable Fall 2009 Fashion Trends

OMG… What a shopping spree. I have been in NYC since Friday, visiting showrooms, and going to several tradeshows all in search of just the perfect mix of accessories for you for this Fall. Well, girls – we did great. Everything will start coming in about 2 weeks. I bought us so much great jewelry, trendy stuff, everyday stuff, exotic pieces and “make a statement” pieces, so when you walk in the room heads will turn.   

Hoops are hotter and bigger then ever!!

This Fall it’s about all the colors, sexy belts, playful scarves, and bold jewelry.

And, I got us amazing bags…patent and suede and fringes and fab colors – so much fun. One of the hottest trends of the season is scarves. 

 Scarves can really light up an outfit, especially just jeans and a top, or a black on black with boots. We will have so many scarves to choose from…. And, belts, and bags, and totes and hair accessories.                            Come on in girls, it’s all good.

Those of you who know me, know that in addition to me being the consummate brow queen, I also consider myself to be the consummate bargain shopper. Wait till you see the values I’ve brought in to you. Oh what fun we’re going to have. And, we’re going to look so good too!!! Can’t wait…. See you soon!

Tweezing brows vs. Waxing

Yesterday, a woman walked in with red blotches all around her eyebrows. Owe… Burn marks from brow waxing.

Why would anyone purposely do that to themselves? Burn their skin, weaken the elastin, and there’s no precision in brow waxing.

I stand by tweezing. Its accurate, it lets me get just those few hairs from that one spot that really makes the perfect arch.

If you want a natural look, you have to tweeze. What a difference a few hairs can make…..

And, by the way, that old rule of never tweeze the hairs above your brow  -

it’s just that OLD. TWEEZE whatever it takes to get the perfect brow.

Click here to learn more.

Feeling Pretty Today…

I’m feeling pretty today and I’m going to share with you what helped me feel that way. So, I’m off for a long day of shopping and meetings in NYC…    Ladies I’m buying so much fun stuff for Beautiful-Faces – just wait till you see.

Anyway, after a quick shower, I smooth PER-FEKT over my “not so perfect” legs, slip on a colorful summer dress, and walk through a refreshing mist of June Jacobs’s Citrus perfume.

So, what makes Per-fekt so worth the $48 dollar price tag? Well if a product can even out my skin tone, cover my varicose veins, give me a suntan and dry without showing tell tale signs on my clothes – then it’s worth $48 and maybe even more than that! Per-fekt does all that I say. Truly. I wouldn’t think of baring my legs without it!!

So, you remember the scene in “Legally Blonde” when Elle is walking down the steps in the sorority house getting ready for her big, supposed engagement dinner? Remember how her sisters douse her in an aura of perfume spray?

Well that’s how I sprayed my June Jacobs Citrus Eau de Parfum today. Literally. I got completely dressed and needed one last pick me up to complete my “put me in a good mood, filled with good energy” and I walked through a cloud of June Jacobs Citrus Eau de Parfum. And, oh…. did I ever feel good. All that fresh citrus sending good energy to my soul and light refreshing cirtrus to my nose. Oh… it’s delicious.

My little treats for myself. All day, I felt lifted and pretty…..
And, “they” say you can’t find happiness in a bottle… Who are “they”????

June Jacobs Serenity Candles

I normally write more blogs then I’ve written of late. I could blame it on the summer sun, vacations and such, but that’s just not the case. I’ve been recuperating, healing and rediscovering my peace. I’ve been a victim of domestic violence and now I am set on becoming a survivor.

Domestic violence happens in more places then you could imagine. It happens to women in all walks of life. You probably know someone who has suffered from abuse. She’s hard to recognize because she looks just like every woman out there. Maybe she’s the woman you see shopping at the supermarket, sitting at the PTA, working out with you at the gym or the woman who helps you with your makeup or shapes your eyebrows.  It’s time I reclaim my dignity and once again I find inner peace and pleasure in my beauty products.

Beauty products certainly can’t help me escape my abuser, but they have been incredibly helpful in letting me find my escape, my place of comfort, my serenity. I’ll tell you about them. The first thing is my sense of smell. Scent….it’s so important. I need to breathe in peace and tranquility. I need to feel the calm in my mind. My sense of calm has been so disrupted. I need to get to a calmer place. And, the scent that’s done it for me is June Jacobs Serenity Candle.

So…there are lots of candles and scents out there. What’s so special about this one? First of all, June Jacobs is a terrific lady. I really like her; she herself is calming and soothing. So, I felt compelled to try one of her candles. She’s calls it serenity, but it’s actually more like awakening to me. Refreshing, like opening a window with a fresh breeze off the ocean just waiting to waif through and refresh the stale air. Wonderful……

A good beginning….. to healing. I must continue to find ways to feel better. I will let my passion for what’s beautiful guide me to finding my way. I will survive.

Becca - Beach Tint

Ever wonder how some women look so good with no makeup at the beach? Or, wake up looking lightly blushed and radiant? Well, a few lucky ones do it naturally, but for the rest of us… I’ll let you in on the secret. Shhh…its a little tube of a crème stain called Beach Tint by Becca. This creamy little tint is kiss-proof and water-resistant, and it dries to a perfect, streak-free, non-greasy and non-drying finish. Use this tint on your cheeks and lips for that oh so natural look. It’s great for traveling, especially for vacationing and those sexy moments when you want to catch his eye, you are walking out of the water, wind in your hair and rosy blushed cheeks! Fabulous girls!

This product is the greatest for traveling. Especially if you are vacationing poolside and want to look great soaking wet. Water Resistant Color for Cheeks and lips stays just where you place it and comes off only when you take it off. BECCA Beach Tint is a beautifully blendable crème stain for cheeks and lips that suits all skin types. Each shade is deliciously scented in its synonymous name. Now, you too, can look good at every moment - even the sandy, wet ones!

Everyone LOVES our new “Brush-On Liquid Mineral” makeup!

I admit that I’m a bit of a pain in the neck when it comes to cosmetics I like. I need the actual product to be fabulous and the container or dispenser to be easy and NEAT. That’s right neat. I don’t like my clothes or my pocketbook getting messy. I don’t like flying powders, or creams that spill.
Over the years each time I fell in love with a product, either I didn’t like the container or vice versa. Ok…… So I’m thinking I have to do something about this. Well last year, I came across a novel idea - foundation in a tube with a brush applicator attached. That’s it!!!
Then, I rolled up my sleeves and set out to create a foundation that makes your skin look better, be good for you and feel as light as air.
“Brush-On LIQUID MINERAL”. My new makeup is called FACES beautiful and its made from minerals. Your skin will look better and have a more flawless finish, while feeling so light and weightless. You won’t believe how good you’ll look and it will feel like nothing on your skin.
Its truly amazing. My FACES beautiful “Brush-On Liquid Mineral” seems to last all day. Just a little bit will do. When you apply it just turn the arrow to “on”, squeeze until you see a drop of makeup in the brush applicator, then turn the arrow back to the “off” position. Apply the makeup starting in the center of your face and blend out. You’ll be amazed at the coverage and just a thin application is all you’ll need.
Its so silky smooth. You’ll wonder how you ever used anything else. The benefits of mineral makeup are many. They are water resistant, long wearing, non comedogenic, not irritating, hypoallergenic and offer natural protectants from the sun.
For a limited time, enjoy our introductory offer. FACES beautiful “Brush-On Liquid Mineral”  $22.00. Available in 6 skin tone shades.
If you’re not sure of your shade, then email me a picture of you or friend me on facebook, so I can see you.

How to Apply Self Tanner YOURSELF

1. FIRST - Shower, Exfoliate and Shave – Girls, this is the prep work that will make your tan gorgeous. I know you planned on showering anyway, but while you’re there, use a loofah or something and wash away any dead skin cells. And, SHAVE – it’s another way of getting rid of not only unwanted hair, but dead skin too! Anyway, the point is that dead skin will grab and absorb more self tanner and make your new tan look awful and uneven. BTW, this is true too of a real tan.

Rule one – Get rid of any and all dead skin.

2.   Rule two - Dry off after the shower. Sounds so obvious, I know. But, do it. It will allow you to blend nicely.

3.    Lotion up your cuticles - Rub some baby oil or extra rich moisturizer onto your cuticles and nail bed before using your bare hands to apply sunless tanner. This will help prevent the self tanner from soaking into these areas.

4.    Mix your self tanner with your favorite body moisturizer. That’s right cut it. Cut the strength and the potency. I find when I mix my self tanner and btw, I like Peter Thomas Roth Natural Self Tanner, that I get a more even look if I blend it with my moisturizer. True, it tans me a little slower, but I don’t need as much blending accuracy.

5.   Apply sparingly – In the case of the self tanner, less is more. Certain areas of your body need even less then the rest. Go easy:

a.    Around your feet, spread the tanner from your legs onto your ankles and the tops of your feet, and use as little as possible in this area. Avoid the bottoms of your feet, as much as you can.

b.     Apply the tanner sparingly on your face and neck because that skin will darken easily. Remember to put a little on your ears.

c.     Go real easy and light on your knees, your elbows, your wrists and your belly button. I like to swoosh a little extra moisturizer on a Q-tip and run it in my belly button to keep it from getting unnaturally dark.

6.    Wash your hands - Immediately after applying self tanner, wash well.

7.     Self tan the backs of your hands. After you’ve washed your hands, take a bit of self tanner, mixed with your moisturizer and rub the backs of your hands against each other.

8.      Dry – Don’t rush to get dressed. Air dry for as long as you can.

So, if you follow these golden rules of self tanning, you can apply almost daily and slowly build a fabulous, long lasting natural tan!

Lipmints Lip Gloss


Proms, proms and more proms!! We made up so many girls over the last couple of weeks. Wow, and they were all so gorgeous. Every girl had her own unique look, great hair, sexy eyes, beautiful skin and fab lips. The one product that we found to be a big hit with all of the prom girls was Lipmints. Lipmints is a wonderful spearminty lip gloss. I created this product a few years back, because I always believed that when you refresh your lips that it should actually be refreshing – hence the addition of spearmint.

Lipmints is smooth, not sticky. Its light weight and sheer. It gives you just enough color without being overwhelming. Check out some of our prom queens on our facebook.
(left) Casey is wearing Lipmints Mint Sweetheart.
(right) Mint Toffee - Gorgeous!

Hourglass Brazilian Blush Duo

It’s summer – everyone wants a Brazilian. Right? Well, certainly an Hourglass Brazilian Blush Duo.
It’s a whole lot of blush. So, here’s the deal. You can take the bronzy-brown shade and blend it all over your face, or you can contour with it, you can even deepen your jaw line and neck area. Once you have the overall color on your skin that you like….then take a bit of the warm peachy color and blush your cheeks, add a touch to your nose and a dab more to your eyes, brows and hairline. Crazy right?
These two colors are so wonderful together. It s like the bronze gives warm and the peach gives sunshine.It will just make you glow.

At $58 you’re getting two full sized bronzer and blush in a leather like carrying case. One caution. The powders are very soft (that’s why they look so good) and they can break easily. So be careful about just throwing them in your bag. But, I will tell you that bronzing and blushing with the Hourglass Brazilian Blush Duo is a winner!

Frederic Fekkai - Damage Defense Capsules

What a nice Memorial Day weekend – the start of summer and the start of tons of sun exposure for my hair! You know the sun wreaks havoc on your hair. Besides, I know I’m still blow drying my hair, and occasionally curling it or flat ironing it – not to mention every few weeks I need my roots done and then I always desire a few highlights here and there. So how’s a girl supposed to keep her hair gorgeous and luxuriously healthy?

Ask Frederic Fekkai? He created this Ageless System for your hair. The Damage Defense Capsules really work wonders. After styling your hair, break open one capsule and work through your hair starting with the ends. Your hair will be protected and will look younger. This Damage Defense Capsule treatment repairs and prevents the effects of biological, environmental, and mechanical aging in hair by restoring your hair’s intrinsic strength, structure, and vitality. It also contains a UV absorber and blocks pollutants. It’s $45 for 45 capsules. That’s $1 a day. One dollar every day to keep my hair healthier and combat all that I put my hair through - that’s worth it. I say bring it on.
Welcome summer!

Front Row for the Founders Forum

Originally Posted on May 18th 2009.

Sundays I’m supposed to be off, but not this Sunday. No, I wouldn’t miss it. – I wouldn’t miss “The Makeup Show”.
Michael DeVellis, the multi-talented artist and businessman is the editor of “On Makeup Magazine”, the owner of The Powder Group and the creator of this artists’ show. He welcomes for the 4th consecutive year “The Makeup Show” in NYC. This is the makeup artist show for makeup artists. Every year I love going to Michael’s show to meet, greet and learn.
One of my most favorite parts from yesterday was sitting in the front row listening to the founders’ forum. The four founders are Linda Mason, Alison Raffaele, Pauline Youngblood and Eugenia Weston. All are fabulous artists and business women. The one feeling that I took away from their forum was that we all share a great passion for this business. I for one certainly do. Even during changing economic times, in fact, especially during challenging times, making a client happy remains not only my goal, but my pleasure.
Nothing feels better for me than to share in the joy of a client experiencing the feeling that a good makeover or a great makeup tip can bring. I never tired of doing makeup. In fact, I find more joy today then I did 10 years ago. Please stop in either in person or on line and find out for yourself. I look forward to seeing you soon. BTW, you know you can always find me on facebook.

“Brush-On Liquid Mineral” Makeup

I admit that I’m a bit of a pain in the neck when it comes to cosmetics I like. I need the actual product to be fabulous and the container or dispenser to be easy and NEAT. That’s right neat. I don’t like my clothes or my pocketbook getting messy. I don’t like flying powders, or creams that spill.
Over the years each time I fell in love with a product, either I didn’t like the container or vice versa. Ok…… So I’m thinking I have to do something about this. Well last year, I came across a novel idea - foundation in a tube with a brush applicator attached. That’s it!!!
Then, I rolled up my sleeves and set out to create a foundation that makes your skin look better, be good for you and feel as light as air.

“Brush-On LIQUID MINERAL”. My new makeup is called FACES beautiful and its made from minerals. Your skin will look better and have a more flawless finish, while feeling so light and weightless. You won’t believe how good you’ll look and it will feel like nothing on your skin.

Its truly amazing. My FACES beautiful “Brush-On Liquid Mineral” seems to last all day. Just a little bit will do. When you apply it just turn the arrow to “on”, squeeze until you see a drop of makeup in the brush applicator, then turn the arrow back to the “off” position. Apply the makeup starting in the center of your face and blend out. You’ll be amazed at the coverage and just a thin application is all you’ll need.
Its so silky smooth. You’ll wonder how you ever used anything else. The benefits of mineral makeup are many. They are water resistant, long wearing, non comedogenic, not irritating, hypoallergenic and offer natural protectants from the sun.
For a limited time, enjoy our introductory offer. FACES beautiful “Brush-On Liquid Mineral”  $22.00. Available in 6 skin tone shades.

If you’re not sure of your shade, then email me a picture of you or friend me on facebook, so I can see you.

Gloria Kamen loves Beautiful-Faces and She Knows Best

And, I am head over heads for Gloria. I just love her. She’s vibrant, vivacious, warm, loving and so smart. She kiddingly offered to adopt me too. And, if she’s serious I’d gladly have Gloria as my Mom. Those who know me know that I am Mom-less for quite some time.
Gloria Kamen, best known as the authority on what’s right in life and as Jill Zarin’s mother,”Real Housewives of New York”. Gloria’s appearances on this reality show are filled with tough love and solid advice on finding everything from the right sedan to the right man. Not to be confused with the author of the Miss Manners series of etiquette guides, this Gloria is filled with pertinent up to the minute advice for all who want to know and some who don’t. Gloria Kamen is also known as the real-life Mommy of  Westport’s famous Lisa Wexler, host of “Live with Lisa”. 
Gloria visited with me yesterday at Beautiful-Faces. So yesterday, I had so much fun on Lisa’s radio show, which airs on 1350am and 1400am on Saturday mornings. She did a great show for Mother’s Day and I contributed a beauty segment. After the show everyone came back to Beautiful-Faces.
I spent a few minutes retouching Gloria’s makeup. BTW, her skin is gorgeous, almost perfect and smooth as silk. Her skincare regiment is certainly working. I’ll get back to you on those secrets in another blog. I need to speak with her again to know for sure. Anyway, we gave her just a quick retouch and her favorite lipstick was a new color called Scarlet. Ladies you’ll have to call in for this color, if you so desire. It’s too new even for our web orders.

I’m in an “Origami” mood…Hourglass Extreme Sheen

Finally the warm weather is here. Spring is in the air and I’m in the mood for pink. But, not just any pink – I’m in an “Origami” mood.
Origami is the pink of all pinks! The crème-de-la-crème of lip glosses, Extreme Sheen by Hourglass is pure luxury for the lips.

So, did you know that origami is the Japanese traditional art of folding paper? The goal of this art is to create a representation of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns without using glue or cutting or taping. The goal is to use only one piece of paper. It’s funny that this shade of lip gloss is called origami, because like its Japanese origins, when you own this shade of pink lip gloss, you will never want for another shade. It’s just that perfect.

BTW, this Hourglass gloss is like nothing you’ve ever felt before, this decadent lip gloss offers opulent shine that is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Go ahead; wrap your lips in origami.

Lois Alcosser asks, “Why do women have so many half used beauty products?”

Lois Alcosser, a well-known writer and contributor on women’s issues and concerns came to interview me the other day. We spoke about women’s constant search for the holy grail of cosmetics and skincare.

42-16071162Lois: Decades ago, coming of age meant wearing your first lipstick, and lips were the feminine, seductive feature. But today, it’s eyes. “When teenagers come in for make-up, for a prom, for example, they mean eyes, and of course, hair, which has always been one feature a woman can change when she wants to.  Beautiful Eye

Lois asked me why most women have so many half-used beauty products on their shelves. Is it because beauty products are somewhat disappointing?

I responded that it’s because there’s so much to choose from.  Beauty products have been revolutionized by technology. Ingredients are new, methods of application are different.  And women’s expectations are greater. Think of all the anti-aging, wrinkle decreasing, super-moisturizing products available today that didn’t exist ten years ago. 

There are always new products being introduced and women are forever searching for the magic answer. But since no two women are the same, how can any one product be good for all women?  But each woman can find the product that’s best for herself. Women are most self-critical about themselves; they have different needs at different stages. We’re never the same, and so the quest will continue always. My favorite cleanser or moisturizer ten years ago isn’t my favorite today.   Trying new products is an inexpensive way to search for your ultimate product pleaser. We, as women, always think there is something better in the next bottle.

I also told her that I think that biotechnology has revolutionized beauty products, with botanical ingredients, minerals, medical -grade products.  Years ago, no one knew how to extract these ingredients or how to deliver them into the skin.  Now that’s all changed, which makes the world of skincare somewhat confusing, yet sensational.

Susan Posnick - Color Correct Stick

What to do? What to do? You go to touch up your make-up after lunching with your friends and you discover an emerging blemish that is begging for recognition. We all know that some cover sticks and concealers are more obvious then the blemish they are covering up. Not, Susan Posnick Color Correct Sticks. They provide perfect color coverage and will allow you to move on and obsess about something else. LOL.

This pencil contains a brightener on one end to lighten the under eye and corner eye area and a concealer to cover blemishes. You get two products in one!  Fabulous. You can apply the brightener side to your under eye area and your dark circles will fade. You can also use the concealer to even out your skin tones from blemishes or a bit of hyperpigmentation.

The Susan Posnick pencil is so creamy it just glides on like silk. It retails for $20.00  By the way, this makeup is made from all natural ingredients and is preservative and chemical free.