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Monday, January 4, 2010

Lois Alcosser asks, “Why do women have so many half used beauty products?”

Lois Alcosser, a well-known writer and contributor on women’s issues and concerns came to interview me the other day. We spoke about women’s constant search for the holy grail of cosmetics and skincare.

42-16071162Lois: Decades ago, coming of age meant wearing your first lipstick, and lips were the feminine, seductive feature. But today, it’s eyes. “When teenagers come in for make-up, for a prom, for example, they mean eyes, and of course, hair, which has always been one feature a woman can change when she wants to.  Beautiful Eye

Lois asked me why most women have so many half-used beauty products on their shelves. Is it because beauty products are somewhat disappointing?

I responded that it’s because there’s so much to choose from.  Beauty products have been revolutionized by technology. Ingredients are new, methods of application are different.  And women’s expectations are greater. Think of all the anti-aging, wrinkle decreasing, super-moisturizing products available today that didn’t exist ten years ago. 

There are always new products being introduced and women are forever searching for the magic answer. But since no two women are the same, how can any one product be good for all women?  But each woman can find the product that’s best for herself. Women are most self-critical about themselves; they have different needs at different stages. We’re never the same, and so the quest will continue always. My favorite cleanser or moisturizer ten years ago isn’t my favorite today.   Trying new products is an inexpensive way to search for your ultimate product pleaser. We, as women, always think there is something better in the next bottle.

I also told her that I think that biotechnology has revolutionized beauty products, with botanical ingredients, minerals, medical -grade products.  Years ago, no one knew how to extract these ingredients or how to deliver them into the skin.  Now that’s all changed, which makes the world of skincare somewhat confusing, yet sensational.

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