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Monday, January 4, 2010

Vincent Longo re-invents the face

Lois Alcosser, Westport publicist covered our Vincent Longo event. Here’s what Lois had to say about Vincent’s visit.

An amazing makeup artist named Vincent Longo was invited to Gail Sagel’s BeautifulFaces “Best of Westport” Salon. His mission: to prove that with several carefully chosen products, a few brushes and a lot more than five minutes, any woman, of any age, can look beautifully natural.  Not just-got-out-of-bed natural. Not after-a-long-day’s-work natural, but radiantly, exquisitely natural.
            Mr. Longo’s experience as the make-up artist for Vogue cover supermodels and Gail Sagel’s knowledge of skin care combined to make this a unique event.        “We start with a clean face,” Mr. Longo began, and a dozen eager women, 14 to 47, removed every inch of make-up.
First, a gel-like primer, which felt pleasantly cool and fresh, was stroked on. Because every skin has its own texture and color, the choice of a foundation was crucial. The Longo line of products is designed with this in mind.               
            Longo, a slim, boyish looking man, is an Italian who grew up in Australia. He is the master make-up artist for Vogue international magazine covers and for the supermodels of designer fashion shows. “Because I couldn’t find the colors and textures I wanted, I started making them myself,” he explains. Like Gail Sagel, he believes that, first and foremost, the right skin care products are the most important ingredients of all. The right make-up, correctly applied, is an enhancement.
 He is concerned with the “undertones of skin,” “life in the eyes” and “a balance of color and texture.” His products tend to be lighter, softer, yet more lasting. Brushes for application have “built in skills” and he demonstrated how the way a sponge or pencil is held in the hand makes a difference.  

“The trouble is,” he said, “women buy skin products in some self-service store, without advice, tempted by a glamorous photograph and then, of course, they can’t get it right because they don’t know how and they’ve probably chosen the wrong product. Everyone’s skin is unique.”
            His demonstration was part science, part art and part theater, a compelling combination for the women, each one, from student to attorney, simply wanting to feel as attractive as they hoped to look.
            Longo had special tips… how to use concealer, apply powder, shape lips, apply mascara. “Too much make up ages, not refreshes,“ he said. For each step, he demonstrated on himself, his own live video. A great deal of time was spent on eyes, the architecture of the eyelid, the way to use shadow, where to start and end the eyebrows. He also showed how to shape upper and lower lips.  “Men hate outlined lips and tacky gloss,“ he noted.  
            Gail Sagel, known for her special skills with eyebrows, helped translate Longo’s instructions with hands-on assistance. Results? It was hard to believe that several of the women were the same people who had arrived. The difference between their washed, nude faces and the lovely naturalness of their make-up was remarkable. Imperfections gone, tiredness dispelled, drabness disappeared, redness removed, skins that were almost breathtakingly beautiful and yes, perfectly natural.
            Vincent Longo products are at Beautiful Faces studio and and, of course, the make-up artists at the studio are always ready to help achieve a beautiful look.   

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