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Monday, January 4, 2010

Susan Posnick - Color Correct Stick

What to do? What to do? You go to touch up your make-up after lunching with your friends and you discover an emerging blemish that is begging for recognition. We all know that some cover sticks and concealers are more obvious then the blemish they are covering up. Not, Susan Posnick Color Correct Sticks. They provide perfect color coverage and will allow you to move on and obsess about something else. LOL.

This pencil contains a brightener on one end to lighten the under eye and corner eye area and a concealer to cover blemishes. You get two products in one!  Fabulous. You can apply the brightener side to your under eye area and your dark circles will fade. You can also use the concealer to even out your skin tones from blemishes or a bit of hyperpigmentation.

The Susan Posnick pencil is so creamy it just glides on like silk. It retails for $20.00  By the way, this makeup is made from all natural ingredients and is preservative and chemical free.

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