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Monday, December 10, 2012

Look Like a Cover Model

Want to look like you stepped out of the cover of Harper’s Bazaar? You certainly can this holiday season! The December/January issue this year features Lily Donaldson with a shimmery brown eye and a bold red lip. For the eyes, play with the trends this season and include gold liner and a touch shimmer in the center of your lip. For the most perfect red lips make sure that they are moisturized and exfoliated, then apply a red pencil as a base and fill in with your favorite shade of red. The holidays are a great time to experiment with fire engine red. This combo of bold lips and neutral eyes will have you looking glam in no time! I recommend Faces Beautiful’s lipstick ($17) in the Red Carpet or Blaze and pair that with the eye shadow quad in the color Nouveau ($32).  If you need help moisturizing lips, try Faces Beautiful Intensive Eye and Lip Treatment.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Tips

Holidays got the best of you? “Glamour” Magazine shares 7 tips for looking great in a hurry after a long night out.
Step 1: Be prepared. Try your best to stay hydrated throughout the night as alcohol dries everything out. As an extra precaution you can try taking a fish oil supplement or B12 vitamin when you’re getting ready to go out. This will help keep you to look refreshed the next day.
Step 2: Prevent puffiness by sleeping as upright as possible. Adding another pillow will promote lymphatic drainage and keep you looking alter.
Step 3. Caffeinate. Use products with caffeine in them or place warm green-tea bags over eyes for two minutes to stimulate the skin. This will help banish blotchiness, eye circles, and dullness.
Step 4: Counteract any discolorations with your makeup. Green covers red and yellow neutralizes blue.
Step 5: Consider skipping foundation. Liquids and powders will appear caked- on if your skin is too dry. Instead opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer the morning after a big night out.
Step 6: Brighten your eyes using a beige liner along your water eye. This will make your eyes appear larger and more awake.
Step 7: Dab a light reflecting highlight on the top of your cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose, and in two dots on the middle of your forehead. This will brighten up your whole look!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hottest Winter Nails

Attention Beauties! The newest nail colors for the winter are officially on sale now! One of my favorite nail polish companies, Essie, has just released their winter 2012 nail polish line. This collection features classic colors that aren’t bound to any trend so it easy to wear the all of the shades you love! This collection is all about your personal style.
Essie has been a long time favorite of Kate Middleton, who wore it for her wedding to Price William. Essie’s founder, Essie Weingarten certainly had that in mind when creating this collection. She said, “It’s one part Queen Elizabeth, two parts Duchess of Cambridge. They don’t mince words and never mince color. I just love the elegant simplicity of a saturated, vibrant look. It’s so luxe, yet so easy to put together.”
The colors include a beautiful tiffany color blue, “where’s my chauffeur”, two creamy red shades, “snap happy” and “she’s pampered” a silvery gold glitter called “beyond cozy” and an indulgent bright blue called “butler please.”
Let us know which one is your favorite pick for winter!