I have always been passionate about makeup, skincare and all things pretty to us girls. Creating Faces Beautiful has been a lifetime of work in progress. Like many women, life tends to complicate achieving my goals, but notwithstanding career changes, marriage, and raising children I continued to follow my passion. Today, I am affectionately known as the woman that helps all women look and feel just a little prettier. I have built a business of perfecting beauty for women. Stop in and see Faces Beautiful whether in Connecticut or On-Line. It’s the place to "feel prettier".

We provide great services, products and advice on your skincare, your makeup, your hair, your eyebrows and fabulous jewelry. I try every product before I decide to share it with you. Really, I do. The only products that you’ll see in our store are products that I personally believe in. And, so read my blogs and see what fabulous little tidbits of information that I discovered and then you’ll be in the know too! or in our Westport, Connecticut Studio.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Allure Magazine - Day to Night Summer Makeup Looks

In the special issue of Allure Magazine, June 2011 issue, page 149. There is an article called “Day to Night”.  It’s so on target. In the first part, their beauty experts recommend a berry stained lip with a copper shimmer eye shadow. They recommend Avon Lipstick in Maraschino, the Pearl Highlighter from Benefit on your eyes or the Chanel Ombre Essentielle Eye Shadow in Trace, which I personally love! For a berry stain lip, I also like the Vincent Longo Velvet Riche Lipstick Rain Dance.
I like this lip because it’s matte. Then blot your lip and swipe on a lip balm for a sheen that’s moist, but not glossy. I used the Peter Thomas Roth Pink Bombshell Lip Balm. Awesome.

In the summer, I love a sheer lid with a teal colored eye liner. So do the Allure experts. They recommend Cover Girl LiquilineBlast Eyeliner Pencil in Blue Bloom or the Dolce & Gabbana The Eyeliner in 7. The D&G is a great shade. Let me share a secret with you. Vincent Longo makes a Duo Eye Pencil Liner in Blue Cobalt on one side and Aqua on the other. Use the Vincent Longo Pavlova Eye Shimmer Soufflé as your all over color.  It’s waterproof too, so you’ll look hot at the beach.

The hottest look for the summer is the shimmery neutral eye shadows. Shiseido makes their luminizing Satin Eye Color in GD 810. Just fabulous. For a shimmery gold, try our Faces Beautiful Leona Eye shadow.

And, the hottest color of the season is coral. Coral everywhere – not just your lips. Use it on your kips, your cheeks and your eyes. Add a little shimmer to it too!! Try the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Soft Coral or the L’Oreal HIP High Density Pigments in Visionary. For just a touch of coral gloss, try Vincent Longo Carina Perfect Shine Lip Gloss.

Have fun with all of these shimmery, sunny looks. If you have questions about how to apply, just go to our Facebook page and ask me. Have fun ladies!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Prom Night: Hair and Make Up

This Friday, Weston High School, had an extravagant Prom Night, but before it all, many of the women got prepared at my Salon. Dozens of beautiful young women came to my Studio to get their hair and make up fixed up for their night. Below is some photos from it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you looking for an eye shadow that does it all?

Here it is!! Brand new from Vincent Longo is his Pearl X Eyeshadow. Filled with an assortment of ombre coordinated colors. It’s beautiful, and very easy to use.

You can use a brush and blend the colors, which are pre-mixed for a gorgeous effect. Or, you can finger-stamp them onto your eyes. One of our clients Callie, tried this out in the color Etherea and we stamped it on her eyes. Pretty awesome!! She was already pretty, but we did make her just a bit prettier.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Silvers's Deeper Meaning

This podcast explains her love for silver and it's inner meaning! Silver to her is not just a color but it assists her in her love of make up. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Princess Catherine: What Are Your Thoughts?

What do you think of Princess Catherine’s bridal look? Do you love the natural look or do you think she should have glammed it up just a bit?

So as I flip through the pages of May 16, 2011 People and Time Magazines, I cannot deny that the Princess looked overall stunning in her Alexander McQueen gown, her Cartier tiara and her Robinson Pelham earrings. But, I have to be honest her hair, makeup and eyebrows just aren’t as great as I thought they could have been. So, hear me out on this one. All of us real girls work so hard on our wedding day to look and feel like a princess. And, here she is a princess and she applied her own makeup after a few lessons. Really? Was that necessary? I would have created a more sultry look – not so much black lines around her eyes, I would have used more lashes to widen and accentuate her eyes without closing them in. I also wouldn’t have used so much pink blush right on the apples of her cheeks. Look at her pictures, all you see are pink cheeks. I would have placed the pink higher on her cheekbones, mixed in with a glow highlighter – the pink should be glowing off her skin, not just sitting there. And for Princess hair… Well, I know Kate Middleton is all about being simple, but on Friday, April 29, 2011 Kate Middleton became Princess Catherine and I think a better and more sophisticated hair style was in order for the day. Something with a bit more height to really show off that fabulous, borrowed from the Queen, Cartier tiara. And, last are her eyebrows… Well all you brows girls who come to me know this one. I love an arch, not a wing. Kate wear wings – a brow that has no bend and just moves in one direction, is what I call a wing. I feel like an arch for Princess Catherine would elongate the look from her cheeks to her brow bone and really place a beautiful emphasis on her eyes. But, hey, no royal calls came in asking for my expertise. And, she’s still gorgeous. So who cares what I think? LOL  

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bringing beauty to Your Outdoors…

One of my favorite clients, Donna Craft is featured in the May/June issue of “At Home” in Fairfield County, page 42. Aside from being truly beautiful herself, Donna Craft has the keen ability to create an esthetic beauty. Her newly designed pool house sits nestled in her lush gardens and lawns in Maple Hill Farms. Stepping outside of the traditional interior design of New England homes, Donna chose a more 1960’s – 1970’s light, airy almost contemporary style. My favorite is her choice of zebra print wallpaper for the bathroom. But, don’t think for a second that Donna is out lounging by her gorgeous pool. No way. Donna’s not the sit around and lounge kind of woman. Far more likely you’ll find Donna spending time at her much valued Center for Women and Families or working with Pfriem Breast Care Center. Thank you Donna, for all the beauty you bring to so many.