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Monday, August 29, 2011

Go Ahead and Mix Black & Brown!

I've always thought to mix black and brown, both in makeup and in fashion. Eighty percent of my wardrobe is comprised of black and brown, for all seasons. It never occurred to me that not everyone thought this was okay to do, until I read the August In Style Magazine. First I'm reading the Mail section on page 40, where a reader is thanking In Style for introducing to her the concept of mixing brown eye shadow with black. Then on page 230, stylist Sarah Cobb suggests that it's beautiful to wear brown and black clothes together. Have no wardrobe second guessing, or hysteria over this concept.  
Individually both black and brown are fabulous, but together they make an even more exciting combination. When mixing them in clothing and in makeup too, try to mix up the textures and finishes. In clothing, find a tweed, put a leather vest on with a sweater skirt, add a cardigan to high leather boots, mix a tweed blazer with a silk blouse. The same with makeup. Don't go all matte and don't go all shimmer. One of my tricks in makeup is to line my eyes with a dark black liner and then smudge it sexy with a chocolate brown eye shadow. Or make a warm cocoa lid of a matte shadow and then come back over it with a slight shimmer eye crayon, like Sue Devitt's Eye Intensifier in color Tanzania.  Add in a shiny black liquid eye liner to really give a bit of pop.  And, in your clothing, if you're going to mix black and brown, please mix up the textures. But for sure, when you are doing the monochromatic look - all one color, DEFINITELY mix up the textures. Let the seasons accessories of leathers, suedes, metals and woods make your outfit have your unique personality. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HAIR TIP!!! - Protect and Serve

I just love the shot of Marilyn Monroe, page 102, June 2011, Beauty Launchpad, applying hair products while she's on the beach. Clearly for decades, stylish women have known that, even and especially in the sun, we need special protection for our hair. So while sunning on the beach in Positano, I was pleasantly pleased to see so many Italiano women and many tourists applying products to their hair, as well as skin, while enjoying the sun's rays. For me, my hair product of choice was the Redken Color Extend Sun After-Sun Mask.  The Redken Mask gives UV protection from the sun, while giving me lots of mango oil moisture. I love the mango  And the extra moisture keeps my hair from turning into a complete beach mess. But, rather with this product in my hair, it makes it into more of a beach tossled, wavy, sexy look. So...once again ladies..... You know me. I just love those products that us look good and are good for us at the same time. This one's in the winner circle!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eyes Wide Awake

Is there a trick to making your eyes appear well rested and wide awake?

Absolutely!! Just reading Beauty Launchpad, June 2011, page 90. Karie Frost says, " skip the coffee and energy drinks." Instead reach for eyeliners in white, flesh tone and pale metallic colors. I certainly agree. Line your eyes in the inside and highlight just under your brows and you'll look awake!!  Stop in and check out all of the Pencil Me In Cosmetics in the buff to white shades. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Love Strong Eye Brows

So what do Diane Kendal of Alexander Wang, Westman of Oscar de la Renta and me all have in common? We all love strong eye brows! Just saw a clip of their work, page 146 in August In Style magazine, showing two models with nice, full natural brows and then both eye brows artists added even more color to the brows with eye shadow or eye pencil. Those who know me, know I love a full brow. And, even better then just a natural full brow is a brow that we enhance with extra color.

The technique: Personally I usually choose a brow powder or a mineral eye shadow to fill in and enhance a brow. I like to dip my brow brush in a small drop of water, just to moisten. Then dip the moistened brush into a mineral powder a shade similar to your brow color. For my brows, I go a shade darker then my natural brow color. For most women, I look toward their hair color to determine the shade. It's more about the hair on your head, then the original color of your brows. In any case, fill behind the hair on your brows. It will make them appear thicker. I also use a few subtle tricks. Like if I want the arch to appear higher, I'll only fill to the high side of the brow, at the top, and just not fill the whole brow to the lid. After you've put on a few strokes of your moist mineral powder, then using a brow spooky, brush through your brows so the hairs pop back up to the top. No one will ever guess that all that hair isn't really yours!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cherry Red vs. Orange Red

Can you tell the difference between cherry red and orange red?

The other day, my daughter bought a stunning cherry red summer weight sweater and like all teenagers had to wear it out that night. I have to proudly admit that Sarah is a very accomplished makeup artist and has a keen eye for colors. But even she was stumped as to what blush to wear with this bold, cherry red sweater. I knew the answer, but I also knew that In Style had recently covered this topic about cherry red dresses and blushes. So rather than try to correct my teenage daughter or worse yet, try to tell her the right thing. I just opened the magazine to page 124 August issue and passed it to her. Lol. Why is it that mothers can't tell their own daughters what to you, and yet so many mothers pay me to tell their daughters how to wear makeup appropriately? 

In any case, here is the rule. When wearing cherry red in clothing close to your face - a dress, a blouse, a sweater - choose a blush that is an orange/red. That's right. Purposely don't match. You'll look like a clown if you try to match it. You need a blush that is warmer in tone to compliment the look. Adding a bit of orangish blush will warm you and offset the cherry glow from your outfit perfectly.

And, by the way the rule for choosing a lipstick with a cherry red dress is not as straight forward. More on that in another blog......