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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cherry Red vs. Orange Red

Can you tell the difference between cherry red and orange red?

The other day, my daughter bought a stunning cherry red summer weight sweater and like all teenagers had to wear it out that night. I have to proudly admit that Sarah is a very accomplished makeup artist and has a keen eye for colors. But even she was stumped as to what blush to wear with this bold, cherry red sweater. I knew the answer, but I also knew that In Style had recently covered this topic about cherry red dresses and blushes. So rather than try to correct my teenage daughter or worse yet, try to tell her the right thing. I just opened the magazine to page 124 August issue and passed it to her. Lol. Why is it that mothers can't tell their own daughters what to you, and yet so many mothers pay me to tell their daughters how to wear makeup appropriately? 

In any case, here is the rule. When wearing cherry red in clothing close to your face - a dress, a blouse, a sweater - choose a blush that is an orange/red. That's right. Purposely don't match. You'll look like a clown if you try to match it. You need a blush that is warmer in tone to compliment the look. Adding a bit of orangish blush will warm you and offset the cherry glow from your outfit perfectly.

And, by the way the rule for choosing a lipstick with a cherry red dress is not as straight forward. More on that in another blog......

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