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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Orange, Clementine, and Tangerine Lips!

With the seasons changing comes a lot of great things including fresh fruit! It’s a great snack, it’s healthy, quick and easy to grab. Okay, blah blah blah, let’s talk makeup now! It appears almost all makeup companies have used this year’s produce as inspiration in their spring lines. Lucky for us women, this means brighter and bolder lips that compliment any and all skin tones. In the April issue of InStyle (page 265) the magazine displays countless beauties featuring the popping pouts.
            I love the touch of orange in a tangerine shade so I use Becca’s Alina Lip Tint which I think is a beautiful shade for any Mediterranean color skintones. I especially like to use a gloss when I have on bright shades of lipstick. I think a beautiful peachy gloss compliments the shade of lipstick so well. Faces Beautiful Pink Orchid Mineral Gloss is such a beautiful color and comes with so much in the container, it lasts a really long time. I like to keep the rest of my look simple but it’s crucial to ensure the only redness on my face, is happening on my lips. To get that perfect, even glow, I always have to use my Faces Beautiful Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup so guarantee a perfect glow. Enjoy trying to new look! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Turning Up the Heat With Emerald Green

One of Spring’s hottest treads are teardrop, emerald earrings. Featured in this month’s In Style Magazine (page 164) are a slew of celebrities all working the look. Now, they say there is a distinction between women who are “ugly” criers and those who are “pretty” criers. The best thing about this trend is the teardrop look works on everyone beautifully! However, with such a statement piece of jewelry, it’s crucial to balance your makeup evenly.
I think Taylor Swift accomplished the look flawlessly with her light smokey eye and peach-skinned glow. I love using the Faces Beautiful Mineral Makeup Signature Shadow Quad in Muse The quad accumulated all the shades for a smokey eye in one, compact container and you can’t beat the price! I used the charcoal and silver color for this look and first coated my lid in the darker charcoal shade. Feel free to use the black to accentuate the crease of your eye, but I wanted a softer smoke effect for this look. I used the silver as my highlight under my brow and swiped it under my eye as well. The mascara of this look is very important as well. You want to use the most at the end of your lashes and wing them out so your longest lashes are on the end flaring out. The perfect mascara to use is Faces Beautiful SuperWear Mascara It lasts the entire night out and if you happen to break the cardinal rule of always washing off your makeup at night, the up-side is your guaranteed to wake up still looking hot.
            Don’t forget to highlight your cheekbones with a touch of bronzer. Vincent Longo’s Beauty Skin Face and Body Bronzer is one of my favorite multi-talented products. Use it on your cheeks, neck, or anywhere else the sun would naturally hit your body. I loved the natural and girly pink of Taylor Swift’s lips so I used Vincent Longo’s Indie Rose Lipstick to complete the look. Enjoy! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Beach Chic Makeup

My favorite season is quickly approaching and with it comes my favorite makeup look. Nothing goes better with beachy waves, and a sun-kissed glow than dewy, natural makeup. For those who hate the beach because the wind messes up their hair, or avoid the ocean because you don’t want your lashes to fall off, please ignore this blog because it’s clearly not for you. Now, for all the real women out there, here a few quick and easy steps toward that beautiful beachy glow using just a few products.
I love the effect our Faces Beautiful Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup has on my evening my skin and giving me the perfect enhancing color. What I added for this beach look was the new Nars Illuminator in Orgasm I used the product as a highlight on my upper cheekbones and on the highest part of my eyelid. I used the Becca Beach Tint in Peach on the rest of my eye. The delicate shimmer is perfect for accomplishing that summer shine. Finish the look by swiping on the Faces Beautiful Peony Mineral Gloss and get ready for the sun! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Business on the Top, Party on the Bottom

Don’t panic, this blog is in no way a how-to on how to achieve the perfect mullet. Thankfully, our eyes will be saved from ever seeing that again unless of course you accidentally stumble into a biker’s bar of some sort. Instead, I’m replicating a look from Maybelline’s mascara ad in the March 2012 Issue of People: Style Watch (page149). The look features a subtle, soft use of bronzes and golds on the lid, while a pop of lime green runs underneath the eye. This is such an interesting twist and a perfect solution for those who may not be ready for a full, pop-of-color eye.
I use the Faces Beautiful Mineral Makeup Signature Shadow Quad in Nouveau for my eye shadow. I don’t use the shade of green for this look but it’s a great color to have in my makeup bag. I use the darkest shade of brown only in the crease of my eye so it doesn’t become to overwhelming and heavy. I use the orangy, bronze color on my lid and highlight with the lightest shade of tan. Don’t forget that if you always like to prime your eyes first, you can just swipe on my favorite Faces Beautiful Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup  and it serves the same purpose!
Now for the fun part, I like using the bright shades from Giselle’s 8 Stack Contradiction Shadows in the brilliant green. Using a narrow brush and dampening the tip for the best color payoff, dip the brush in the shadow and tap out any fallout. Swipe the pigment from the inner corner of your eye to the outer in a thin line staying close to your waterline. This look especially looks fierce with winged out eye liner but still, keep the pop of color under your eye within the span of your eye. Finish off with mascara and your ready to turn some heads!