I have always been passionate about makeup, skincare and all things pretty to us girls. Creating Faces Beautiful has been a lifetime of work in progress. Like many women, life tends to complicate achieving my goals, but notwithstanding career changes, marriage, and raising children I continued to follow my passion. Today, I am affectionately known as the woman that helps all women look and feel just a little prettier. I have built a business of perfecting beauty for women. Stop in and see Faces Beautiful whether in Connecticut or On-Line. It’s the place to "feel prettier".

We provide great services, products and advice on your skincare, your makeup, your hair, your eyebrows and fabulous jewelry. I try every product before I decide to share it with you. Really, I do. The only products that you’ll see in our store are products that I personally believe in. And, so read my blogs and see what fabulous little tidbits of information that I discovered and then you’ll be in the know too! or in our Westport, Connecticut Studio.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Faces Beautiful Brush Family!

One could compare applying makeup to painting; they are, on a basic level, very similar.

If you choose to use this comparison, then it makes sense to realize that when you judge the artistry of paintings, no one compares finger paintings to paintings painted with brushes, it’s like comparing apples and oranges, they are just worlds apart.

There just isn’t the same finesse when you use your fingers for makeup application or painting as there is with brushes.

So imagine your face as a blank canvas and let’s discuss the brushes most necessary for you to create a masterpiece on top of your already beautiful framework.

First off is the makeup wedge. This little guy is great for the application and blending of foundation, placement of color, and for contouring. The makeup wedge is also a great tool for cleanup. A very useful tool for makeup application!

Next up is the easily recognizable q-tip. It seems like q-tips have always been around, and though their uses are endless, the use we’re going to talk about in regards to makeup is cleanup. Q-tips are the champions of cleanup. Able to erase mistakes from tiny to large, q-tips are one of the most capable cleanup tools around, far more accurate than your finger wrapped in a tissue.

The lip brush is often overlooked or ignored because it is difficult to carry around, but ours is retractable! Using a lip brush actually uses less lipstick while allowing you to achieve the desired look as well as allowing for a more precise application!

Then we have the spooly brush, which, though it looks like a mascara wand, is in fact for the grooming of brows and to help make the distribution of brow powder more even.

Finally we get to the more professional brushes, the brushes that will give you the ability to create stunning makeup looks. The first up is the angle eye brush. This brush is for filling in brows or for the precise application of shadow and liner. The angle eye brush is critical to achieve the perfect cat eye. An absolute must have!

For smokier eyes, the smudge brush is absolutely perfect. The rounded top of the brush is amazing at smoking out waxy liner or even eyeshadow. A great staple for the fan of the smokey eye! I kiddingly refer to this brush as idiot-proof. Even if you can't make a straight line - it can.

The shader brush is your basic eyeshadow application brush. It has soft, firm bristles that allow for the specific placement of color. This is the most basic, and to some, the most necessary eye brush. All pros have one in their kit!

The large shader brush has a shape very like the shader brush, just enlarged. In comparison, the large shader brushes’ bristles are much less firm, they have more give which makes the large shader brush the perfect brush for either applying a wash of color to the lid or for blending out colors. Another must have eye brush for the makeup enthusiast!

Finally, we have the Faces Beautiful face brush. This is the only brush you’ll ever need to achieve a flawless, glowing finish with your makeup. The face brush is perfect for both color placement and distribution. Its flat top allows for specific placement of bronzer, while fanning out that flat top creates the perfect shape for brushing blush on your cheeks, that is, depending on what face shape you have and how you should blush or bronze accordingly! (for more information, check out our book: Making Faces Beautiful)

Come check out our brushes! They are both online and in store at our studio Faces Beautiful.

We can’t wait to see you!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eyebrow Asymmetry

It's true; no person is truly symmetrical, so why should your eyebrows be?

Perfectly symmetrical eyebrows look unnatural on your face. This is because the two sides of your face are uneven; you are asymmetrical. For instance, your eyebrow may be higher on your right side than your left, your right eye might be closer to your nose than on your left side.

Here at Faces Beautiful, we recognize that your brows must be tailored to the asymmetry of your face, so we wont lie you down, or have your eyes closed. We'll have you sitting up so we can see where your face falls naturally and assess your asymmetry from there.

From there, we'll tweeze each eyebrow individually to suit your entire face, not just the side of your face it sits on. The result is what looks like naturally perfect brows! Your eyebrows will also be tailored to the shape of your face like we discussed in a previous post: Face Shape and Brow Shapes

So call to book today! 203-226-1818

We can't wait to see you! Stay beautiful!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Face Shape and Brow Shapes

Creating your brow shape... are you a heart, round, oval, or square?

To get it out of the way, yes, the shape of your face does effect what brow shape will look best on you.

But not to worry, not only are the guidelines simple, if you come in to Faces Beautiful we'll do all the hard work for you!

The simplest way to look at it is that the more angular your face is, the softer and more rounded you want your brows to be. This is so that they don't add to the angular nature of your face shape. The flip side is also true, the more round your face is, the more angled your brows should be to add more definition to your face and bring out your cheekbones.

With that rule in mind, the shapes are easy to figure out.

Square faces are going to need more rounded brows, with less of an arch and a more curved shape.

Round and heart faces are going to need more angular brows, so a stronger arch and a more horizontal or triangular shape is preferred here.

Oval faces have more freedom than the other face shapes, their face shape doesn't lean more round or angular, so their brows depend more on the individual.

Come to Faces Beautiful and let us work it all out for you! Call 203-226-1818 to book your eyebrow shaping today. You'll be so happy that you did!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tweezing vs. Waxing: Why We Tweeze

To tweeze, or to wax...?

For any woman who gets her brows done, there is always the lingering question of which method is the best.

The most popular methods are tweezing and waxing.

Both are incredibly popular methods, with huge support behind them, and though each person has their own preference and is more than entitled to it, here at Faces Beautiful, our preference is definitely tweezing.

The reason we prefer tweezing boils down to three main reasons:

1. More Precision

2. Skin Safety

3. Less Pain

First, tweezing is more precise. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. Waxing as a procedure removes sections of hair, meaning that while it can create the shape best for your face, it is difficult to individualize your brows to your face. Tweezing allows one or two hairs to be removed, meaning that it is easier to create brows specific to a face rather than a face shape, allowing the arch to better accentuate cheek bones, or eye shape.

Secondly, wax is much more harsh on the skin. Today so many products contain retin-A or retinol ingredients, which are great for treating aging concerns and acne but unfortunately when combined with wax, the wax causes the skin to rip and burn, creating scarring. So as you know, we're all about the skin looking its most beautiful, which means we are believers in anti-aging ingredients, which eliminates you as a candidate for waxing. Tweezing is specific to removing each hair from it's follicle, so it never touches the skin, meaning that it will not cause irritation when used in combination with anti-aging ingredients and treatments that are already being used.

Thirdly, the main concern that people have with tweezing is pain, but when done correctly, which of course we do, tweezing shouldn’t cause any pain; instead the hair should simply slip out. Proper tweezing isn’t a yanking motion; it is gently pulling the hair out.

We chose to tweeze at Faces Beautiful because it allows much more artistry, and we believe that having the proper brow shape not only for your face shape, but also for your individual face, is one of the most simple but incredible ways we can help you feel your most beautiful.

For more information on tweezing and other beauty secrets, check out Making Faces Beautiful, Gail's new book!

So call to book an appointment today at 203-226-1818. We hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How To: Fill In Your Brows

Want Gorgeous Eyebrows? Fill them in!

Filling in your eyebrows. At some point, every woman who battles with sparse or very light eyebrows has dealt with this issue. How do you do it? What are the best tools to do it with?

Here at Faces Beautiful we prefer using a powder to fill in your brows, as opposed to a gel or a pencil just for the natural look it gives.

For us, the essential tools for filling in your brows are:

-At least one, if not two mineral eyeshadows or brow powders

-A drop of water

Most important to note is that the powder you are filling in your eyebrows with, regardless of whether it’s an eyeshadow or a brow powder should be lighter than your brows. This is because using a shade darker than your natural brows can cause them to look too dark and harsh for your face, where as a lighter shade will simply create the illusion that your brows are thicker or more prominent than they may be naturally.

First off, you are going to dip your angle eye brush in the drop of water, just enough for the tip to be damp, but not so much that it is soaked, and then dip it in the powder.

Now, where ever you place the brush first will wind up being the darkest, so choose wisely. Our favorite spot to start is at the peak of your arch.

Feather the brush across your brows, filling them in as you go. As you feather, take the spooly and comb through your eyebrows, this will better disperse the powder and even out the color so your brows don’t look patchy or like you have gradient brows.

Continue filling in your brows until they are as full in appearance as you want them.

Voila! Vogue worthy brows!

If your brow shape isn’t to your liking, call us at 203-226-1818 and book an appointment! We’ll give you your perfect shape and give you a lesson on how to fill them!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Bridal Makeovers! With Terri Ann!

The most popular method women use to enhance their beauty is makeup, at Faces Beautiful, we consider makeup to be an art form. Your face is a canvas, let us be your artist!

All of our highly sought after makeup artists and estheticians have spent years honing their practice, and the result is magic!

One of the most important makeup application services we provide is Bridal Makeup, and for your special day, we want you to look as spectacular as possible, and we consider it our job to help you get there! We will go to any lengths to make sure you feel your most beautiful for your special day.

Take for example Terri Ann:

She came to us for her wedding makeup. And after already having setup an appointment for a trial run and having a face chart done, she was all ready to go!

And the finished beauty!

Beyond gorgeous!

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, so celebrate yourself, your love, and your life, let us pamper you and help you achieve a look deserving of your big day.

Call to book today! 203-226-1818

Brows - An Introduction!

Brows are our specialty; there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it – just brows!

The Faces Beautiful motto is to make every woman look and feel a little more beautiful, and we believe that one of the most impressive ways to do so is by shaping a woman’s brows to enhance her beautiful eyes and highlight her facial features.

A woman’s eyebrows frame not only her eyes, but her face as well. Depending on where the brow begins or how the arch is placed and positioned, brows have the power to completely change a woman’s face.  Eyebrows can emphasize different parts of the face as well as highlight the ever-adored “windows to the soul”.

Our eyes invite people to approach us, to strike up a conversation, so the ultimate key to looking your best isn’t whether you have your Gucci handbag or Miu Miu shoes, it’s making sure your eyes invite any onlooker to keep looking.

And that’s where eyebrows come in to play….

Here at Faces Beautiful, we are set on making your brows the best possible shape for your face, and if that means ignoring the rules “they” created, then that’s what we are going to do.

Your eyebrows should be shaped for your face, and with decades of experience, we’re the people to do it for you. So schedule an appointment! There’s nothing to lose, but a few unattractive brow hairs.

Making Faces Beautiful!

As some of you may know, but I'm guessing most of you don't, I've had a little pet project that I've been working this past year!

I feel like this project has become like a new child, after all of the time I have dedicated to it, so it needs a proper announcement.

                      “Making Faces Beautiful” – the book.

Written by myself, a woman on a mission to help women everywhere feel and look more beautiful, for women who are ready to dedicate themselves to that very same mission; to take the time they deserve to look their absolute best, because as you know, no matter how much time and money you spend on shoes, no one will ever make it to looking at your shoes if they don't have a reason to keep on looking!

My purpose in writing the book was to take all of the rules that "they" have and to throw them out the window in order to present women everywhere with concise and comprehensive lessons to help them look their best. To do this, I begin with simple steps, how geometry works on the face (particularly in interacting with different face shapes), why brows are a crucial part of the face, and how to use makeup brushes, before moving on to the execution of basic application with guiding before and after pictures.

 I only hope that this book brings as much joy to all the lovely, beautiful women out there wanting to show the world the best of themselves, as it has brought to me as I spent months in the creation stages.

“Making Faces Beautiful” is not just your typical how-to makeup book. It is a book for every woman out there who has come to realize the truth that our face is the first impression we give the world, so why make it anything less than fabulous?

 Here's how to buy it: