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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Faces Beautiful Brush Family!

One could compare applying makeup to painting; they are, on a basic level, very similar.

If you choose to use this comparison, then it makes sense to realize that when you judge the artistry of paintings, no one compares finger paintings to paintings painted with brushes, it’s like comparing apples and oranges, they are just worlds apart.

There just isn’t the same finesse when you use your fingers for makeup application or painting as there is with brushes.

So imagine your face as a blank canvas and let’s discuss the brushes most necessary for you to create a masterpiece on top of your already beautiful framework.

First off is the makeup wedge. This little guy is great for the application and blending of foundation, placement of color, and for contouring. The makeup wedge is also a great tool for cleanup. A very useful tool for makeup application!

Next up is the easily recognizable q-tip. It seems like q-tips have always been around, and though their uses are endless, the use we’re going to talk about in regards to makeup is cleanup. Q-tips are the champions of cleanup. Able to erase mistakes from tiny to large, q-tips are one of the most capable cleanup tools around, far more accurate than your finger wrapped in a tissue.

The lip brush is often overlooked or ignored because it is difficult to carry around, but ours is retractable! Using a lip brush actually uses less lipstick while allowing you to achieve the desired look as well as allowing for a more precise application!

Then we have the spooly brush, which, though it looks like a mascara wand, is in fact for the grooming of brows and to help make the distribution of brow powder more even.

Finally we get to the more professional brushes, the brushes that will give you the ability to create stunning makeup looks. The first up is the angle eye brush. This brush is for filling in brows or for the precise application of shadow and liner. The angle eye brush is critical to achieve the perfect cat eye. An absolute must have!

For smokier eyes, the smudge brush is absolutely perfect. The rounded top of the brush is amazing at smoking out waxy liner or even eyeshadow. A great staple for the fan of the smokey eye! I kiddingly refer to this brush as idiot-proof. Even if you can't make a straight line - it can.

The shader brush is your basic eyeshadow application brush. It has soft, firm bristles that allow for the specific placement of color. This is the most basic, and to some, the most necessary eye brush. All pros have one in their kit!

The large shader brush has a shape very like the shader brush, just enlarged. In comparison, the large shader brushes’ bristles are much less firm, they have more give which makes the large shader brush the perfect brush for either applying a wash of color to the lid or for blending out colors. Another must have eye brush for the makeup enthusiast!

Finally, we have the Faces Beautiful face brush. This is the only brush you’ll ever need to achieve a flawless, glowing finish with your makeup. The face brush is perfect for both color placement and distribution. Its flat top allows for specific placement of bronzer, while fanning out that flat top creates the perfect shape for brushing blush on your cheeks, that is, depending on what face shape you have and how you should blush or bronze accordingly! (for more information, check out our book: Making Faces Beautiful)

Come check out our brushes! They are both online and in store at our studio Faces Beautiful.

We can’t wait to see you!

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