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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tweezing vs. Waxing: Why We Tweeze

To tweeze, or to wax...?

For any woman who gets her brows done, there is always the lingering question of which method is the best.

The most popular methods are tweezing and waxing.

Both are incredibly popular methods, with huge support behind them, and though each person has their own preference and is more than entitled to it, here at Faces Beautiful, our preference is definitely tweezing.

The reason we prefer tweezing boils down to three main reasons:

1. More Precision

2. Skin Safety

3. Less Pain

First, tweezing is more precise. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. Waxing as a procedure removes sections of hair, meaning that while it can create the shape best for your face, it is difficult to individualize your brows to your face. Tweezing allows one or two hairs to be removed, meaning that it is easier to create brows specific to a face rather than a face shape, allowing the arch to better accentuate cheek bones, or eye shape.

Secondly, wax is much more harsh on the skin. Today so many products contain retin-A or retinol ingredients, which are great for treating aging concerns and acne but unfortunately when combined with wax, the wax causes the skin to rip and burn, creating scarring. So as you know, we're all about the skin looking its most beautiful, which means we are believers in anti-aging ingredients, which eliminates you as a candidate for waxing. Tweezing is specific to removing each hair from it's follicle, so it never touches the skin, meaning that it will not cause irritation when used in combination with anti-aging ingredients and treatments that are already being used.

Thirdly, the main concern that people have with tweezing is pain, but when done correctly, which of course we do, tweezing shouldn’t cause any pain; instead the hair should simply slip out. Proper tweezing isn’t a yanking motion; it is gently pulling the hair out.

We chose to tweeze at Faces Beautiful because it allows much more artistry, and we believe that having the proper brow shape not only for your face shape, but also for your individual face, is one of the most simple but incredible ways we can help you feel your most beautiful.

For more information on tweezing and other beauty secrets, check out Making Faces Beautiful, Gail's new book!

So call to book an appointment today at 203-226-1818. We hope to see you soon!

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