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We provide great services, products and advice on your skincare, your makeup, your hair, your eyebrows and fabulous jewelry. I try every product before I decide to share it with you. Really, I do. The only products that you’ll see in our store are products that I personally believe in. And, so read my blogs and see what fabulous little tidbits of information that I discovered and then you’ll be in the know too! or in our Westport, Connecticut Studio.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Match Your Eyeliner to Your Outfit blog

To Match or Not to Match?

I don't usually go for matchy matchy. I typically choose complimenting colors. But a few changes are in the air. I think for the first time in my adult life I bought a matching shoe and handbag set - not coordinating, but actually the same designer in suede and gold, designed to be bought and worn together.

During prom season, the girls came in with so many fabulous dresses and many with wonderful colors. Some girls wore white or black dresses and had a necklace of color, like a fabulous turquoise necklace or stone of color. My makeup artists at Faces Beautiful and I all decided for those girls to do a matchy matchy eyeliner to match to colored stones or necklace or the one popping color in their dress. So, overall we did a nude, soft pretty palette and then encircled the eye with a eyeliner. We mostly used the Duo Eyeliners from Vincent Longo or the Pencil Me Cosmetics eyeliners. All fab! So, why don't you try a bright eyeliner all the way around your entire eye to match your jewelry or a color from your outfit? Have fun. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

US Weekly: Kate Wore It Best

In July 4th Us Weekly, in the Who Wore It Best section, Kate Middleton was compared in her outfits to Madonna, Kerry Washington, Lydia Bright, Rose McGowan, and Pippa Middleton in the same dresses. Kate won about 50 percent of the time. But, that was just a poll on her outfits. No one bothered to poll her makeup. So, here goes.... Don't get me wrong, I'm a Kate fan....  But, her makeup....? Yuk!  Way too much black liner and black eyes. And, has she heard about lipstick? Or heard about lipstick in colors other than naked, nude, natural or pouty pink? I think not. Kate please, with all of your resources, let me give you a fresh, youthful, yet sophisticated new look. Time to let the 80's go.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Glam Sunscreens - Be in Sun-Know Now

US Weekly, July 4th issue, page 66 covers the Glam sunscreens. I really like their choices. They choose two bronze tinted products which have an SPF of 30 and 55. The 30 is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess and Kate Somerville Serum Tinted Sunscreen. I'm especially partial to products that have color and have sun protection. I'm always multi-tasking.  I figure why not do two good things at once, if you can? I'd always want to use a product that makes me look good and is good for me.

These two accomplish that. US beauty also includes one of my favorites Peter Thomas Roth Clini-Matte All Day Oil Control SPF 20.  This product does just what the labels says.... Controls oil, gives sun protection. And, you must try Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect SPF 40. An all over body protection with a shimmer designed to make you look thinner. Alas, they get it! We want products that make us look good! So, now I don't need a body bronzer mixed in with my sunscreen, or worse yet, just the body bronzer and skip the sunscreen. Thanks for making this easier!!

The last product they included was Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Targeted Sun Defense Stick SPF 50. This is a product for girls with very dry skin. I didn't enjoy this, as much as someone who has much drier skin then mine.  Where are you girls in those drier climates, when I need you? Ms. Arizona?

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Women's Health Magazine Recognizes our Products

I want to share a new editorial plug for BECCA!  BECCA Sheer Tint Lip Colour in Gisella was featured in the July/August issue of Women's Health  in an editorial titled, "Be A Beach Babe, Aussie Style."

Known for their effortless summer beauty, Australian women share their favorite beauty tips in this editorial.  Sydney-based makeup artist Elsa Morgan says that Australian women turn up the heat in the evening by creating a toned-down smoky eye with a nude lip.  BECCA Sheer Tint Lip Colour in Gisella is recommended as the perfect shade to achieve this look.  There are gorgeous shots of the product and becca, one of our products, is credited.

Women's Health serves as a fresh, smart, informative and inspiring magazine that speaks to today's active, youthful women in a way that is passionate, authoritative and relevant to their lifestyles. It covers health and beauty, fitness and weight loss, career and stress, sex and relationships, nutrition and diet and technology.


Friday, July 8, 2011

1st Annual "Feeling Prettier" With Gail Sagel Contest!!!! Starts NOW!!

Beginning today July 8 to July 29 , Faces Beautiful is holding a beauty contest to find the person who most wants to become just a little bit “prettier”. Gail Sagel, creator of Faces Beautiful, feels that all women are pretty, but everyone would like to be a little prettier. Gail wants to help the winner achieve this pretty goal. All you have to do is give the best answer to this question in 25 words or less.

~What makes you feel pretty?~

You can submit it your answer by email info@facesbeautiful. It can be either written or a podcast.  If by video you have 1 minute to answer. The winner will be chosen only by his/her creativity and honesty. Everyone will be recognized. All entries will receive a Faces Beautiful coupon for either online or in-store savings coupon.

The winner will receive:

1.       Free Face in the Case® (Colors chosen by Gail) Click Here For Product
2.       Free Expert Beauty Consultation
3.       (If desired) Recognition on website, blog sites, and social media. Link to own website/blog can be included

For winner not near Gail will receive consultation through social media contact! If any questions feel free to email us at info@facesbeautiful. We will be giving updates to help everyone during, so be alert. We look forward to your entries. All ages apply. Good Luck!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gail Stars On Better TV's : Cellulite Remedy

I recently was featured on a "Better TV" episode. I was one of three women who put three creams to the test for three weeks to see if it would make a difference on their cellulite problem areas. Below are the links to the coverage of the episode. Watch and leave your feedback.

Battling Cellulite: The Test

Battling Cellulite: The Results