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Monday, January 4, 2010

How to Apply Self Tanner YOURSELF

1. FIRST - Shower, Exfoliate and Shave – Girls, this is the prep work that will make your tan gorgeous. I know you planned on showering anyway, but while you’re there, use a loofah or something and wash away any dead skin cells. And, SHAVE – it’s another way of getting rid of not only unwanted hair, but dead skin too! Anyway, the point is that dead skin will grab and absorb more self tanner and make your new tan look awful and uneven. BTW, this is true too of a real tan.

Rule one – Get rid of any and all dead skin.

2.   Rule two - Dry off after the shower. Sounds so obvious, I know. But, do it. It will allow you to blend nicely.

3.    Lotion up your cuticles - Rub some baby oil or extra rich moisturizer onto your cuticles and nail bed before using your bare hands to apply sunless tanner. This will help prevent the self tanner from soaking into these areas.

4.    Mix your self tanner with your favorite body moisturizer. That’s right cut it. Cut the strength and the potency. I find when I mix my self tanner and btw, I like Peter Thomas Roth Natural Self Tanner, that I get a more even look if I blend it with my moisturizer. True, it tans me a little slower, but I don’t need as much blending accuracy.

5.   Apply sparingly – In the case of the self tanner, less is more. Certain areas of your body need even less then the rest. Go easy:

a.    Around your feet, spread the tanner from your legs onto your ankles and the tops of your feet, and use as little as possible in this area. Avoid the bottoms of your feet, as much as you can.

b.     Apply the tanner sparingly on your face and neck because that skin will darken easily. Remember to put a little on your ears.

c.     Go real easy and light on your knees, your elbows, your wrists and your belly button. I like to swoosh a little extra moisturizer on a Q-tip and run it in my belly button to keep it from getting unnaturally dark.

6.    Wash your hands - Immediately after applying self tanner, wash well.

7.     Self tan the backs of your hands. After you’ve washed your hands, take a bit of self tanner, mixed with your moisturizer and rub the backs of your hands against each other.

8.      Dry – Don’t rush to get dressed. Air dry for as long as you can.

So, if you follow these golden rules of self tanning, you can apply almost daily and slowly build a fabulous, long lasting natural tan!

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