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Monday, January 4, 2010

A beauty formula to manliness… – Let’s freshen up with Dr. Brandt Cleansing Pad

Just give me a moment… I need to freshen up a little bit, before we go out. For a woman, we all know what this means – a quick brush through the hair, new lipstick or gloss, a little bronzer/blush, a touch of powder and a schpritz of perfume. All set to go….

I was recently asked by a man, “So what’s a guy got to do to freshen up?” I had to think about that one…

If there’s no time for a shower and shave – what’s a guy to do to get all pretty for his lady? Is there a beauty formula to manliness? You betcha!

 Men - you need to create a “hot dopp kit” to keep in your office.

Here’s what your “hot dopp kit” should have:

 1.    Hair Gel

2.    Facial Cleansing Pads

3.    Unscented manly deodorant

4.    Sample size of your favorite cologne

5.    Toothbrush/toothpaste/mouthwash

So for the hair gel, my personal favorite is the new “Mint Fix” from Redken. It smells so good, it’s water/sweat resistant, and gives your hair that just washed and coifed style. Run just a little bit through your fingers and your hair looks refreshed.

This gel is clear and makes your hair really shiny without making it crunchy or flakey. Girls hate to touch a guy’s hair that feels crunchy. Yuk!

And now for your face….

A great mid day freshen up for a man is the “blemishes no more cleansing pads” by Dr. Brandt. Unlike a lot of other skincare pads, these pads have an actual cleanser inside them with a special moisturizing treatment. These pads smell really fresh. They are invigorating, remove dirt, erase excess oils and leave your skin smooth and kissably soft. These pads also help to prevent future breakouts as they kill surface bacteria.

It’s all good guys! I recommend this as your pre-date perk me up. By the way, you could also use this “hot dopp kit” after your gym workout or whenever you just need to look good for a late meeting or night ballgame.

Hey guys, the next time you buy your cologne, ask the counter person for any samples of your scent. Throw a few of your samples into your “hot dopp kit” and toss a few into your travel dopp bag. And, if you were wondering why I recommended an unscented deodorant – it’s because between your Dr. Brandt facial pads, your minty hair gel and your cologne, you smell good enough!!!

As for the toothbrush and toothpaste, well, it’s pre-date…. Frankly, that’s pretty obvious.

Have fun – You look so handsome!!

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