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Monday, January 4, 2010

I’ll help you clean out your makeup bag…

Aaah…. The first week of the New Year has passed and I feel like I’m inundated by my New Year’s resolutions. I’m trying to eat better, trying to exercise more regularly. What else do I need to do to get off to a good healthy 2009? I’ve been cleaning out my cabinets and drawers and disposing of old or “can’t use” kind of stuff. And, then I come across my makeup bag – and I realize that it’s time to clean out my makeup bag. Come on, I’ll help you do yours, too.

Let’s start with your mascara. Does a tube of mascara have an expiration date? Probably not. You may think to yourself. . .”Do I really need to replace my mascara every 60 days?” YES! Think about it for a minute. Where do bacteria breed? In dark, wet places. Now picture the inside of your favorite tube of mascara. . . .  Your mascara lives in that hotbed of bacteria and everyday it touches your lashes. Do I really need to go into that in any more detail? I hope not! Sometimes your mascara may even need to be replaced before 60 days. If your mascara clumps, flakes or is dry – get rid of it, even if it’s before 60 days.

What else do you have in your bag? Concealers are good for about 12 months and try to keep it clean. If you keep sharpening your eye pencils and lip pencils, you’ll keep removing the bacteria and keep it fresh. This way you should be able to use it until there’s nothing left to sharpen.  Powder eye shadows can last about 2 years, before they become a haven for bacteria, same with powder blushes or bronzers. Cream eye shadows last only about a year, same with cream blushes and cream bronzers. And, if you use your shadows wet, I’d only keep them for about a year. Loose powder lasts the longest, about 2 years. Powder foundations can last up to 2 years, while liquid foundations are only good for about 12 - 18 months and if it’s pressed, if could be even shorter. Lip glosses are good for about a year, while lipsticks may last for 2 -3 years. If you keep them in the refrigerator, you’ll prolong the life of them. But, if your lipgloss or lipstick ever smells bad, even if it’s shorter then the time I’ve spoken about – throw them away! And, lastly in your makeup bag are your brushes – your most important tools to great makeup. Brushes need to be washed about every 6-8 weeks. I like to use a mild soap, like a shea butter soap. Wash them gently, rinse them, reshape the brushes with your fingers and then lay them flat to dry. If you use makeup sponges, wash them weekly and replace them often. And, now I’m going to treat myself to a nice new, fresh, clean makeup bag!

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