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Friday, December 16, 2011


Gail Segal beauty tips


The holidays are officially here! And we need to look our best for the whole season. When hosting those ever so stressful parties, we don’t need to have a hair or makeup meltdown!

To save you the stress, we got together with beauty insider and CEO of FACES Beautiful cosmeticsGail Sagel to get all the essential beauty tips you need to stay looking glamorous this holiday season.
Sagel recognizes that the holidays are the perfect time to look our best! With naturally glowing makeup and sophisticated hair styles, Sagel understands all the latest beauty trends that are needed for any special occasion this season.
Sagel’s FACES Beautiful cosmetics line focuses on products that are mineral based, offer natural sun protection, and more importantly, make you look gorgeous!

SheKnows: Gail, the holidays are officially upon us! From your cosmetic line FACES Beautiful, can you tell us which foundations are best to use to treat our skin as the colder months near?

FACES Beautiful Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup

Sagel: In the winter months, a liquid foundation will always be preferred over a powder foundation – it’s just more moisturizing and lasts longer in drier, colder weather and looks better. Within our cosmetic line we have created FACES Beautiful Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup. It has all of the benefits of liquid makeup and all of the benefits of mineral makeup – all in one tube with a brush attached for easier application.

SheKnows: What colors for eyes and lips are really hot for the holidays right now?

FACES Beautiful Signature Shadow QuadsSagel: Haven’t you heard? All that glitters is gold! This season is all about glittering gold and silver metallics. So for the eyes, go all out glam with ourFACES Beautiful Signature Shadow Quads for a perfect finish.
As for lipsticks, the hottest colors of the season are gorgeously deep berries and burgundies. All berries – whether sheer, matte or glossy, can be worn throughout the holiday and winter season for you to look effortlessly glamorous and meltdown proof!

SheKnows: If you’re rushing from the office to a fabulous holiday party, how can you take your look from daytime to evening?

Faces lipstickSagel: For a great day to night look, let’s first start with your makeup: Enhance your eyeliner, add a little shimmer eye shadow and put on a glossy berry lipstick.
Next, glam up your hair: Whether you use a styling gel or a finishing spray, tousle and tease your hair a bit more then what you did that morning. It will add just a touch of sexiness to your office “do”. Or as a fun accessory, add a gem encrusted hair clip to complete the look.
For the holidays in general, I highly recommend getting a fresh haircut, and add a new shade of highlights to your natural color. Warmer tones always look great in the winter months.
And third, put on some luxurious earrings, accented with a big cocktail ring and an elegant scarf, and rock those new pumps! And you go sexy lady!

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