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Friday, September 27, 2013

Change of Seasons Can Bring Havoc On Your Skin...

Change of the seasons can bring havoc on our skin.  Especially in the fall! Have you noticed that during the summer months your skin seems to have a glow and is blemish free? During the summer we all indulge in the warm sun rays and drown ourselves in the delicious summer fruit. The sun and fruit have two very important vitamins that not only our bodies as a whole need but also our skin. Vitamin D and Vitamin C are very important for the elasticity, collagen makeup and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Lets talk about Vitamin C first...
The most important role of topical Vitamin C is its powerful function of producing collagen, a protein that gives your skin it's elasticity. As we get older the rate that our body naturally produces collagen significantly reduces and the collagen actually breaks down.  Vitamin C helps put our skin into overdrive to produce collagen. Who does not want to counteract the wrinkle formation? Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant. What does that mean to you and your skin? It means it can reverse age and sun related damage to the skin. Remember though, Vitamin C is not replacement for sunscreen, it can help the sunscreen protect and repair UV damage.
Applying vitamin C to the skin can be 20 times more effective than taking it orally to target the signs of aging.

Now on to Vitamin D...
For recent years the sun has been getting a bad rap. Now it is true that you need to protect yourself and wear sunscreen when out in the sun, however a little sun is actually healthy for you. Our body does not make Vitamin D but it does have the properties to make Vitamin D with the correct help. The sun does this for our bodies. This is why we look glowing and radiant in the summer. The benefits of Vitamin D for the skin varies from appearance, elasticity, hydration and minimizes the appearance of pores. Vitamin D is packed with antioxidants that helps fight the signs of aging and fine lines. So how do we get enough Vitamin D in the off season?  Topically adding Vitamin D to your skincare regimen will do the trick!

Chemical Peels and Vitamin C Peels...
Chemical and Vitamin C Peels help penetrate the skin at its epidermis level pushing the sebum, collagen and elasticity into overdrive. The average skin cell turnover rate is 21-28 days. As we age that rate slows. Peels help to speed up that process again.  Here at Faces Beautiful we perform the Chemical Peel and Vitamin C Peel for anyone looking to refresh and rejuvenate their skin. Peels can be preformed on any skin type including sensitive. they can actually act as a preventative to problematic skin. As the seasons change so does our skin. It can become dryer, problematic, oily and/or more sensitive. The word "chemical" tends to scare people away from peels however the "chemicals" that are in peels are actually naturally derived. Glycolic peels are derived from sugar cane, Lactic peels are derived from sour milk , Salicylic peels from wintergreen and Vitamin C peels well they are based on vitamin C. It is highly suggested to do peels in a series to see the best and most effective results. Think of it as working out at the gym! One treatment can exfoliate, hydrate and add a luminous glow and help with the appearance if fine lines. A series can help reverse sun damage, wrinkles and keep that luminous glow going on and on! There is no "down" time to a peel.

Vitamin D serum...
Lets face it, in fall and winter our sun exposure haunts almost to a nonexistent level. Our fresh glow goes away, we lose color, we notice more wrinkles and fine lines. We notice that we us more makeup to add color, luminosity, and a fresh dew look. Full of reparative antioxidants and botanicals, this serum improves the appearance of your skins elasticity and hydration in just one application!

How can we keep the healthy skin from the summer throughout the rough winter and weather changes? Chemical peels and Dr Dennis Gross Vitamin D Serum are the answers to your questions! The two together work wonders and will make you look and feel healthy and beautiful again. Think of them as ying and yang to each other to give perfect harmony to your skin.

Here are Faces Beautiful that is our number one goal, to make you feel beautiful and healthy. Remember beauty comes from within and we can help bring your natural beauty to the surface!
Faces Beautiful
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