Berry-stained lips are the look to love this fall and winter. But getting this classic look right takes a little know-how. From gloss to matte, from bright to vampy, there are plenty of choices that can leave you so flummoxed you’ll be reaching for your Chapstick out of sheer confusion.
Stop. There is a better way.
“In choosing a berry lipstick or gloss,” says beauty expert and entrepreneur, Gail Sagel, “think light, medium or dark as a rule of thumb. The lightest amount of berry can be achieved in a berry-colored lip gloss.” Gail knows what she’s talking about. As the proprietor of Westport’s beauty mecca, Faces Beautiful, it’s her job to make women gorgeous.  “A medium berry-color would be a lipstick sheen, which is more color, more body than a lip gloss. For a dark lip, I’d choose a stain or a berry matte lipstick. And there is a general rule of thumb: If your skin is light, opt for a berry color in a lip gloss. For medium skin, look for a lipstick that is creamy and moist. And, if your skin is dark, find a berry matte or a berry stain that offers full and long lasting coverage. But, if you’re going for a bold, dramatic look – then throw out all of the rules of light and medium!”