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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Released Thursday, October 14, 201 in “The Daily Westport” by Meaghan Morelli.
What a great article Meaghan wrote. We had such a good time too. When Meaghan came in, I didn’t realize that she was here to interview me – so I wasn’t prepared. Then we started talking eyebrows and I was a bit stumped as to how I was going to make this woman “just a little prettier”. Truly, she’s that pretty. But, like always my creativity wakes up the second I focus on my client’s face and ideas start popping in my head as you how I can enhance her. So read an excerpt from Meaghan Morelli’s article about FACES Beautiful.
Make-up application is an art form, there’s no disputing it. And Gail Sagel is one of the most talented and entrepreneurial make-up artists in Fairfield County. Faces Beautiful, her salon and studio, is a beauty mecca staffed by serious beauty devotees. Spend a half hour in Gail’s chair, and you’ll leave feeling camera ready. I speak from experience.
“When I look at your face,” Gail tells me as I settle in for my lesson, “I see exactly what I want to highlight. On you, it’s your eyes and your cheekbones. Everyone has a feature you want to draw attention to, and well-applied make up does this.” She sets to work immediately with a confidence that only comes from years of experience. Judging from her own beautiful face and expertly applied make-up, I know I’m in the best hands.
“Eyebrows are very important. They’re the frame on a great picture, and your eyes are the picture. So you need a good frame,” she says. “The arc of the brow should fall just past your pupil, not directly over it.” And with a few deft pencil strokes, she corrects Mother Nature’s oversight. The result is immediate and my face already looks more balanced.
“Like any framed picture, you need some matting to make the artwork stand out. Eye shadow is like those layers of matting. You have this white shadow on now, and it looks a little flat, so I’m going to change it up.” With the lightest touch, she applies some color. “When you mix pencil with shadow, the color sets, instead of falling off. Because you have blue eyes, I’m applying some browns and bronzes. To make eyes pop, you use colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. The overall look will still be very neutral, but your eyes will look bigger, brighter and bluer.” As she lifts the mirror to my face, again the result is dramatic, but the effect is still incredibly natural. I don’t look loaded down with heavy color, my eyes just look better. A whole lot better.
Thank you Meaghan!!!
Be Beautiful……

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