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Monday, June 27, 2011

Secret to the Kim Kardashian Look!! - Hair Extensions

You’ve come a long way baby!! And, so have hair extensions. Hair extensions can give women the look they want every day. So, if it’s long sexy locks you are looking for, you should be looking into real hair extensions. Just look at Kim Kardashian. Yes, she’s gorgeous. And, yes she has gorgeous long hair. And, yes she adds in hair extensions, too.

At first, hair extensions were made of synthetic locks and didn’t wash, wear and style all that well. And, while you could buy the color you wanted, you couldn’t color them or recolor them as you choose. That’s all changed now. New techniques, new types of extensions, and better quality hair means that extensions look better than ever.

There are many different techniques for hair extensions. There is the basic, non-permanent, clip-in. They are good for when you just want to clip-in a bit of temporary glamour. There is sewing in, or braiding into your hair. This is a good method, but can be uncomfortable, as they are installed very close to your head, and that can be uncomfortable. Then there is a fusion bonding process that takes small amounts of your own hair and bonds it or fuses it to the new extension. It does create a beautiful, smooth look and each extension can be replaced when it needs to as the hair grows out. To remove them, when you’re ready, or the regrowth warrants it, your stylist will use a tool or solution to dissolve the bond and remove the extension. Then there is the sandwich bonding method, which I love. This is the method we use most of the times at Faces Beautiful. It utilizes two pieces of extension hair about 1 inch in width with your hair in between these two pieces, like an ice cream sandwich. The extension hair bonds to your hair and to each other. It’s a gorgeous smooth effect. What I like best is that it’s so comfortable to wear and to sleep in. The extension sandwiches lie flat to your head, so there are not little bumpy pieces prodding into your head and giving you a headache. For those of you who know me, I wore this type of extension for many years.

So today, Sara, one of our top hair stylists, installed a full head of extensions on Nicole. Nicole had a short bob cut and wanted long sexy locks, just like Kim Kardashian. About Two hours later Nicole, emerged with gorgeous long wavy hair. BTW, Sara sports long, wavy blonde extensions. So, if you’ve been wondering if extensions are for you, then schedule an appointment for a consultation 203-226-1818. Extensions can totally enhance how you look and feel.

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