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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beauty at EVERY age!

In the Fall-Winter issue of New Beauty Magazine, Courtney Cox says, “Beauty over 40 is a slippery slope, but the life experience and knowledge we gain can make us sexier with age.” But, dig a little deeper and Courtney (age 47) is like most women on the quest for ageless beauty. Courtney, personally, has admitted to certain cosmetic procedures in the past, indulges in regular facials, 6 month visits to her dermatologist, investment in effective cosmetics and skin care products, not to mention a healthy diet and workouts with one of Hollywood’s top personal trainers. Courtney, like all woman (celebrity or not) is making her health and personal care a priority to beat the clock. Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Singer, MD. Of La Jolla, California states in the same issue, “While we find beauty in all ages, it is the biological effects of aging that left unchecked damage our appearance if we don’t intervene.” His example is 66-year-old actress, Helen Mirren, who was recently voted “Body of the Year.” Basically, you don’t have to be 25 anymore to have a beautiful face or body. With the advancements in technology and increasing number of experts in the esthetics field, you can maintain your looks at any age. But, you have to make it a priority. It will require discipline and some financial obligation, but it is totally achievable.

Some tips:

 1.) Make health a priority: Exercise regularly, take vitamins, eat healthy (whole) foods, avoid cigarettes, wear sun protection, drink plenty of water, manage stress, avoid sugar, too much alcohol, and get plenty of sleep. Get plenty of anti-oxidants in your diet (just like the ones in your skincare products- internally and externally- anti-oxidants not only fight disease, but maintain beauty!) And, stay on top of all your doctor’s appointments. You know how many of us dread the dentist? Well, a healthy, white smile is actually anti-aging!

2.) Consult the experts. Have a makeup lesson customized to your needs by a professional makeup artist, get your hair cut and colored by a great stylist you can trust, follow a skin care regimen prescribed to you by either you dermatologist or esthetician, indulge in regular facials, make your dermatologist your best friend, have your brows shaped and maintained by an expert. And, don’t forget to maintain your nails and other hygiene. Even regular massages and other spa treatments can work wonders.

3.) Confidence is key. If you think you look good. You will. Don’t just throw on sweats in the morning! Take the time to put together a figure flattering wardrobe and stick with what works for your figure. If you need help you can always consult a professional wardrobe stylist or read the many books on the subject. And, have fun with fashion! That new ring, sexy shoes, or dazzling necklace can make you feel and look like a million bucks! So, pull yourself together ladies! Don’t save your “nice” clothes and accessories for special occasions. Life is just too short to not look fabulous every day.
At Faces Beautiful we are all about helping you be the best you that you can be (at any age). Our teams of experts are full of knowledge. It’s our job to stay on top of the industry trends and technology. Have a question about anything? We can answer it and if in the rare occasion we can’t we will find out for you.  We specialize in beauty, health, fashion, and making you just a little bit PRETTIER! Beauty is a LIFESTYLE. We have all heard the very famous L’Oreal slogan, “Because you’re worth it!” Well, YOU ARE! 

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