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Friday, February 24, 2012

No-Fuss Styles Are Just One Click Away

It’s time to shake up your regular hairstyle and start implementing some new looks. Suave has recently come out with a line of products including Dry Shampoo and Conditioner, Touchable Finish Hairspray, and Vibrant Spray Shine. Their informative ad can be found in the February issue of Glamour magazine on page 254 and gives three tutorials on three styles. I can’t get enough of products that multitask, what could possibly be better? Oh yeah! Women who can multitask.

Side Swept Curls: Perfect for any evening plans and guaranteed to draw attention to your face, the look can easily be done with the Touchable Finish Hairspray and dry shampoo. A trick to applying Dry Shampoo is to let the product hit only the roots of your hair and work it in. using a 1 ½ inch curing iron, start from the bottom and work your way up creating natural, beachy waves. This look needs a deep side part so sweep hair to the opposite side. Secure with bobby pins and spray with the finishing spray. Vwa-la! Complete the look with a smokey eye to add to the sensual look and highlight your cheekbones with your favorite blush.

The Top Knot Bun: Often find yourself on the run with zero time to do your hair but trying to create the illusion you haven’t just rolled out of bed? This look is perfect for the gal on-the-go and it can be completed in the same amount of time it takes to brush your teeth. Start with a high ponytail sitting on the crown of your head. Spray the ponytail lightly with the touchable finish hairspray and twist into a single coil. Spin the curl tight around the elastic and secure with bobby pins. Finish with the vibrant shine spray and you’ll have a sleek, shiny bun perfect for daytime. Keep your makeup simple with just mascara and a light pink shadow on the eye.

The Braided Bun: Begin by using the Dry Conditioner halfway down your hair and work it until the ends. Next, part your hair down the middle and French braid either side securing them with elastics. Join the braids together at the nape of the neck and spin into a bun. Finish with the Touchable Finish Hairspray and secure any flyaways that may occur as well. This is a great look for transferring from day to night. Use it in the day for running to the gym and errands. Intensify the look for night by winging out your eyeliner and hitting your lips with a brilliant shade of red. 

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