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Monday, February 27, 2012

Doing It Up Texas Style: Big Lashes, Bold Makeup

We’ve all the read the Cosmo article about men liking us when we’re at our most natural. Soft lips, nothing too dark on the eyes, and a simple black dress is a never-fail piece. Yeah, that’s all well and good if my Friday night plans include a teacher-parent conference, but I’m looking to turn up the heat on the weekends. One of the most fun and feminine tools to use are false eyelashes. I know some women’s first reactions are, “I don’t want to look fake or look like Barbie.” Well there are plenty of variations of lashes and a lot are very thin to just give an extra boost to your look. And as far as looking like Barbie, um, Barbie’s hot so I’m still looking for the problem there.
The February issue of Allure magazine featured a piece (page 114) on the numerous lashes to choose from. For a more subtle look, Maybelline New York Expert Lash 515 is an excellent choice to add a touch more volume to your natural lashes. I recommend only 1 coat of mascara to use with this look and I especially love using our FACES Beautiful SuperWear Mascara
I, however, love to see women take it the limit with fierce, statement lashes like Shu Uemura False Eyelashes Smoky Layers. The criss-cross method creates such a voluptuous look adding intensity to every glance you may take. I recommend these for the more brunette side of the spectrum. Obviously, a blonde’s eyebrows and natural lashes can be pretty light so I love to see these on a brunette or caramel hair color.
Now, we’re not quite ready for the night on the town yet. These big lashes need some big makeup to match. I love doing a smokey eye with more grey and charcoal colors so I use FACES Beautiful Mineral Makeup Signiture Shadow Quad in Color Muse I use the lightest one on the highest part of my lid, then I coat my eyelid with the pay gray, filling in the crease of my eye with the darkest shade. I also like to use a touch of the black shadow on an angled brush to glide under my eye and then blend it out. Finally, you can’t beat the precision of our FACES Beautiful Advanced Waterproof Mineral Eyeliner which I can’t get enough of. Hopefully by now you’ve gotten over the “natural look” and slapping on a red lip will feel like second nature. If you’re not quite ready for fire engine red, you can tone it down with a shade more like wine. Have fun with the look ladies and enjoy all the attention! 

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