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Friday, March 9, 2012

Army, Air Force, and NAVY!: Loreal’s New Eye Shadow

There are a few words my ears can’t help but perk up around like “free”, “single”, or “doctor,” (if you combine the last two, I may have to put this blog on pause and go see what that’s all about). In the world of makeup, a product identified as “infallible” is sure to not only turn heads, but open wallets. Loreal discusses their new Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow in a collection of 12 intense shades. The advertisement, illustrated in the March 2012 issue of Elle (page 361), features the shade of brilliant navy identified as Midnight Blue. Now I’ve never been a math wiz but let’s give this a try. If I apply my makeup at 8 pm for a night out, I leave the bar around 1am, that’s still 19 hours of lasting color and we all know what that means girls, a walk-of-shame we can look presentable for!
First thing to know is the shade of navy is very heavy, so avoid wearing a white, or pastel shade of anything as your top. To avoid fallout, I use a flat brush for to obtain perfect placement of the color. The best is Faces Beautiful Smidge Brush Dampen both sides of the brush with a tiny bit of water and pat it on your lids. Begin more towards your outer eye and coat all of your lid that lay under your eye crease in the pigment. Make sure to follow the almond shape of your eye with the makeup and if you have any mishaps, use a baby white like an eraser to correct it.
The awesome thing about these shades is they require nothing else than themselves and a highlight. I like to use the lightest shade in the Faces Beautiful Mineral Makeup Signature Shadow Quads in Nakeds just above the brow bone. I also like to take some and lay it over the navy in a line the size of my pinky finger. Blend this out but the light color will act as a source of light illuminating the rest of the eyes. Finally, if you’re one for taking chances, use a thin brush like the Faces Beautiful Spooly Brush and dab some of the navy pigment in a “C” shape around the inside corner of your eye. Drag whatever may be left on the brush under the eye and let it fade-out as you pull the brush away. Vwa-la, perfect, flawless, infallible eyes! 

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