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Monday, December 28, 2009

Dr. Brandt - Microdermabrasion (In a Jar)

Exfoliating is really so good for your skin. It makes it younger, it gets rid of old, dead skin cells and lets the younger ones up so you can shine! But, is there really a difference from one exfoliator to the next??? I mean if I go into the drug store, I can find exfoliators for a fraction of the price of this one from Dr. Brandt. So, the question is do I need to spend more? Am I getting anything more? The answer is YES and YES. First, there is the composition of the crystals. Dr. Brandt’s crystals in this product are so smooth and perfectly spherical that they never irritate or scratch your skin. Most physical exfoliators are made of a material that gets crushed into small pieces and while we can’t with our eye see the jagged edges, many of the crystals are jagged and then they scratch our skin and can also break our capillaries. I know that we can’t see this happening, but certainly when you experience the smoothness of the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion, you’ll realize just how smooth, smooth can be. After you use this exfoliator, every skincare and makeup product you have will work and look better. Really!! My serums penetrate deeper, because they don’t have to get through layers of dead, old skin. My makeup looks better, smoother, and prettier – again because it’s not resting on any old, dead skin cells. Not only does my skin look better immediately, but it keeps its glow all day and for several days. I only use this Microdermabrasion about once a week, in the summer I use it twice a week, when there’s more humidity in the air. It’s great and it’s noticeable a step above many others.

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