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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Best Beauty Trends of 2011

What will be the hottest makeup trends for the fall?    

The hot trends for this fall focus on smoky and metallic eyes. Also, the color orange--as Reese Witherspoon said in Legally Blonde, orange is the new pink. Well, she’s finally right. Orange will and must show up somewhere in your color wardrobe. Choose a red lipstick with an orange base, grab an orange toe polish, an orange metallic nail polish, or if you’re daring enough, swipe on a bit of orange eye shadow. But, be sure to add a touch of orange. Oh, by the way, an orange Hermes bag works too! 

Are there any particular products that you are excited by?

Black eye liner is so essential in this fall's makeup look. And, while there are so many to choose from and so many different ways to get the strong liner look – here’s one that I’m very excited by--it’s the Cover Girl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner Pencil in Black Fire. It goes on smooth and quick like a crayon and delivers a very glossy, long lasting jet-black line.    

Do you have any specific makeup tips according to skin tone?

Go metallic for eye shadows! If your coloring is strong, brunette, and deep – choose a silver metallic eye shadow. If your coloring runs paler, blonder and warmer – choose a gold metallic eye shadow. Apply metallic shadow to your lid, just up to the contour, and then follow with lots of black liner. Try a liner with a swoop at the end too, if you dare.

Are there any shades, makeup trends that you think women should leave on the fall runways?

I’m not a fan of monochromatic for the fall. It’s too bland. This is the season of drama and the dramatic. Leave the mono look for the tres chic, ultra skinny models who can’t wait to get out of wardrobe and get hot with lots of liner and bold red lips!

Any other tips for fall beauty?

Fall 2011 is the season for braids. Whether you choose a messy, long single braid or you work a few intricate braids into your look – braids are hot! This season create a look that is sleek and simple with a few braids mixed in. Or, if you prefer a look that seems like it just sort of happened, mix a braid or two in. Braids are very trendy!
Fall is about lashes and brows. Both eyelashes and brows should be thick and full. Eyelashes are in. Lots of them. Lots of mascara, lots of false lashes – frame up your eyes. And, full eyebrows add real drama to your eyes. Shape them up sexy, but don’t wax them away. A full brow adds the drama you need for a really sexy eye!! The combo of full lashes and full brows is just awesome for this fall’s hottest look!    


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