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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pregnancy & Makeup: A Beautiful, Healthy You

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hilary duff pregnant baby bump provinces of night 0 Pregnancy & Makeup: A Beautiful, Healthy You
When a woman first learns that she is pregnant,her considerations shift from everyday worries, to what in her life is about to quickly change. With those changes comes a unique set of challenges for the skin.For the duration of a pregnancy, and as hormone levels fluctuate, makeup becomes an issue to be addressed. Should the “tried-and-true”routine change as a woman develops in her pregnancy? When it comes to skin,celebrities like Beyonce and Hilary Duff seem to have tweaked their classic makeup looks to maximize the good and conceal the bad. Here, makeup expert Gail Sagel, President and CEO of FACES Beautiful and creator of the Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup, offers readers tips to rely on for keeping skin looking and feeling its best throughout a pregnancy.
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Don’t Cover Up That Natural Glow
“As a mother myself, I know the toll that pregnancy can take on the body, particularly your skin. As a makeup artist, I know that makeup can be a very effective tool for enhancing your skin or covering up some hormonal boo boo. My biggest mantra is,let your natural beauty show for all to see. Don’t cover up that natural glow – unless you are over-glowing!” says Gail.
· If your skin seems its regular self, then your best bet is to use a sheer tinted moisturizer, with sun protection, just to keep your skin supple, while enhancing your skin tones. I especially like mineral makeup during pregnancy,since it’s so good for sensitive skin and during pregnancy – everything is more sensitive.
· If your skin has taken on a new dryness or flakiness then you’ll want to use a gentle creamy cleanser, exfoliate frequently and use a moist liquid foundation that will help keep your glow. A glow highlighter applied to your upper cheekbones will also give you a moist sheen, if you’re dry.
· If your skin has become oily, then it’s time to change to a foundation that is oil-free to help absorb your extra perspiration and moisture. Also,you may be getting extra redness from using products to help dry out the acne.So to counteract the redness, use a foundation, concealer or powder in a slightly more yellow tone than normal.
· Remember;during the day, whether you are using a moisturizer, a sheer tint, a foundation, or a powder – make sure your product offers protection from the sun. You may have issues with Melasma, which is common during pregnancy. Melasma is the appearance of brown patches on your face. But, protecting your skin from the sun will also protect you against developing real hyper-pigmentation,which won’t disappear post pregnancy.
pregnant angelina jolie Pregnancy & Makeup: A Beautiful, Healthy You
Lather Up Lashes With Vaseline

Being incredibly warm and perspiring a lot is normal during pregnancy. For those pregnant women who seem to be sweating no matter where they are or what they are doing, waterproof products can be a solution to runny makeup. And, it is a quick fix. But, Gail does not recommend staying on waterproof products, as they tend to be more drying to your skin and not especially formulated for sensitive skin.
Gail explains, “All of a pregnant woman’s nutrients are leaving her body in an effort to create this new little body. So, it’s common for pregnant women to lose some of their eyelashes. Take a break from your everyday mascara and look for one that’s super hydrating – or lightly apply a little Vaseline to lashes for a great sheen and added moisture.”
· Smudging under the eyes is one of the biggest tell-tale signs that a woman is overheated, and perhaps should switch to a waterproof liner and mascara. Also,stick to powders rather than creamy facial products underneath the powder, as the look will appear cakey.
· If you feel naked without your concealer, make sure to choose a product that is light and breathable, and be careful to use a light application. Use a concealer brush to dab areas that are reddened or irritated.
· Because everyone’s hormones are different, you will either be dealing with drier or oilier skin. Adjust accordingly; exfoliate regularly in either case,moisturize to combat dryness, and phase oily products out of your regimen if you’re dealing with added oil.
tori spelling ptg 440 Pregnancy & Makeup: A Beautiful, Healthy You
Play Up Your Favorite Feature
“Pregnancy makeup isn’t all about hiding what’s wrong with your skin. It’s also about playing up those naturally beautiful features that are enhanced with pregnancy while still having fun with your makeup routine. Celebrities don’t change their overall look too much, and neither should you. I always play up at least one feature when applying makeup to pregnant women, and you should, too!” says Gail.
· Play up your lips: Go for a bold, fun moisturizing lip gloss with lip liner so that it won’t have to be maintained throughout the day. Right now, red lips are all the rage and will enhance the natural glow that pregnancy provides.
· Perhaps you’re suffering from unsightly Melasma, which commonly appears on the upper lip. Stick with a more neutral gloss or lipstick, and play up your peepers. Go for a bold smoky eye, or if that’s too involved, go with alight gold color and add flecks to the outer corners of your eyes. Keep your eyeliner simple and defined, and it will work for either day or night.
· If your skin is positively glowing, go simple on the lips and eyes. Use a light color on eyes, with limited liner, and use a lip gloss that is close to your own lip shade. Let your skin be the star!

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