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Friday, October 14, 2011

Valuable Makeover Tips From Gail Sagel

Gail's Tip: Less is More: Mom always said, “With makeup, don’t overdo it. Let your natural beauty shine through.” Natural looking makeup has a time and a place, like the workplace or school. But since makeup is about self-expression and playing up best features, having one key element accentuated is not only attractive, but trendy. To update your look, take heed of the good in Mom’s advice, and keep most of your makeup natural while choosing either a dramatic lip or eye color.

Gail’s Tips on The Lip: This season, the red lip is the trend to embrace. When updating your look with one bold feature like the lips or eyes, it is essential for the color to compliment the skin tone, especially with a bold lip color. For fair skin, choose an orange-based red; for medium skin, choose a berry-red or brown-red; for dark skin, choose a red that has a blue base. To get the perfect pout, make sure that your lips are moisturized well prior to application. Use a lip pencil (in the closest color to your lipstick as possible) to create a frame and to prevent your color from bleeding onto the skin.

Gail’s Tips on Eye Shadow: When it comes to eye shadows, experiment! Try different shades to see what works best on your eyes, keeping in mind that skin tone has everything to do with it. Here’s a quick rundown of what colors work for common eye colors: blue eyes should stick with earth tones for maximum impact, green or hazel eyes should have fun with a purple or gold-flecked earth tone, and brown eyes are the winner in this game – they can get away with pretty much anything!

Gail’s Tips: Put Down The Tweezer'sMost mothers warn their daughters when they attempt to sculpt their own eyebrows. Maybe their warning is a reaction to a “loss of innocence” – the moment when the little girl becomes a pre-pubescent and facial hair becomes an issue. “Leave such an important part of your face to the professionals,” my mother would say. And even though I have a knack for tweezing, I listened. But through my personal years of professional beauty experience, I learned that with a few tips, women can feel comfortable shaping their own eyebrows, but Mom didn’t get it all wrong. Consulting a professional to achieve the best eyebrow shape for one’s face, will help establish a natural look, and then maintain it.

**For a universal tip that everyone can benefit from, use gold or white eye shadow on the inner corners of eyes to make them pop. Purple is also a great color to try for every eye hue; its place in the color spectrum makes it a flattering choice for any skin tone.
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