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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Harvard Believes in our "Feeling Prettier" Efforts

As you all know, I created the Faces Beautiful Studio in Westport, CT to help all women “feel prettier”.  We’ve suspected for some time that there is a connection between looking pretty and feeling good, feeling confident. Now, there is scientific research that suggests that other people may perceive you as more confident, likable, and competent based on how much makeup you wear. I read the results of the HarvardStudy which researched this very topic at and This study, conducted at Harvard University, showed that when people were shown pictures of the same woman bare-faced or made-up that the photo of the woman wearing makeup ranked higher in trustworthiness, and even professionalism. So, don’t feel bad about indulging in a professional makeup application for a special occasion or purchasing another lipstick.  It may just win you that job you’re after! It just goes to show how much power “feeling pretty” can have on all areas of every woman’s life. 

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