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Monday, October 17, 2011

Every Girl’s Got to Have Eyeliner…!!

Black eyeliner is a staple just like the little black dress. But, once in a while it’s fun (and refreshing) to try something a little different. Jewel-toned (yes, I said jewel-toned) eyeliner can be a flattering and sexy change. Think blues, greens, teals, and purples. The secret to keeping the look grown-up is all in the application and your choice of color.

Purple is the easiest to try because it’s universally flattering. Teal is a bit more daring but looks good with any eye color. Both, blue and green can make eyes look playful. But, if they seem too daunting try layering them over black eyeliner for a softer effect. Do not use flat color; look for a little sheen in your liners. This keeps the color from appearing chalky. 

Not all eyeliners are created equal. When it comes to pencils you need something smooth and easy to glide across the lid. Creams and gels are another easy choice. Dip an eyeliner brush into the cream or gel and draw small strokes close to the lash line. Liquid is usually the longest-lasting, but can also be intimidating. I recommend drawing the line in short strokes and softening the line with a liner brush and eye shadow. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting the line pin-straight and your look will last longer.
Different placements have different effects. Winged is edgy, cat-eye is bombshell, smudged is the soft and sexy. And eyeliners on the lower lashes are hot! Eye liners applied  to the lower lash line or inner rim is a way to make eyes appear bigger.

Remember to keep the rest of your makeup simple. Avoid using any other colors that might clash. Keep your eyeshadow neutral, stick with beige or brown. Since, bright liner draws attention to your eye area you need a good, creamy concealer to cover dark circles. Apply the concealer to your lids as well to cancel out any discoloration on your lids and to create a base to hold the liner in place. Do not neglect your brows either. Make sure they are neat and filled in. Keep blush soft: think a light rose or peach. Use a nude, neutral, or transparent pink on the lips. Anything darker will compete with the liner.  
And, most of all have fun with this! This is a way to make eyes appear brighter in a modern and beautiful way! 

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